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You can’t count the number of products that are sold online. Efficient and easy, eCommerce online shopping carts can be customized to fit your business needs. Small shops and large retailers alike can dramatically boost sales by setting up an eCommerce shop online. BMGcreative loves to use Magento, OpenCart, and other online shopping carts to create online purchase systems that will perform to meet your goals.

The best thing is … they are open when you are sleeping.

Meet Magento

  • There are many reasons to make Magento your eCommerce platform. For now, we’ll try to stick to just a few highlights.
  •  Magento is one of the only eCommerce platforms that enable multiple ship-to addresses within a single order. This comes in handy especially during the holidays, when customers are sending gifts to multiple locations.
  • Magento is as impressive at the backend as it is on the surface. Check out the admin section for analytics, customer management, order management, and more.
  • Magento helps with marketing. From promo pricing to coupons, Magento equips you with advanced marketing tools to reach farther for your ROI.
  • Magento is optimized for the iPhone! As eCommerce becomes Mobile eCommerce, you’ll want to stay on the cutting edge of competition. Choose the Magento eCommerce or online shopping cart system, made to integrate with one of the hottest smart phones of all time.
  • Magento is SEO conscious. The Magento system automatically generates a Google site map for your store, and creates URLs that are SEO optimized.
  • Magento offers multi-language support, to offer the same great service to international businesses.

BMG is out to help you meet and exceed your goals in eCommerce or online shopping carts.

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