A good web design is key when it comes to any company who wants to be taken seriously. Your website design or the “look” of your website sends a message to your online visitors (and potential customers) – and that could lead to a very positive outcome or a very negative one if your design isn’t up to par. Users on the internet today view the quality of a company’s website as a direct correlation to the quality of the company itself. An unprofessional website may cause people to think your company is unprofessional or untrustworthy. A great web design, however – one that is modern, user friendly, and easy to navigate – tells online visitors that you care about their experience on your website and you want to earn their business. Your website and its overall design should instill trust and be professional above all else!

Your company could be an all-star company for current customers, but to the masses out on the vast plains of the internet, a bad web design (or a website template that has been used over and over again) could have them searching elsewhere. Sometimes our clients do ask us if we would use a template to cut costs. Our answer is simple: No. It may be cheaper upfront and seem like an easy solution, however, it is not unique to your needs and can cause problems in the long run. And think about it: Do you want your company’s competitor or some other company down the street to have a website that looks just like yours? Because the bottom line is that anyone could buy the same template. Not only that, but who is to say that you will find a template that suits all the needs of your company and deliver a clear message to users about what it is your company is about? With a custom website design built just for your needs, you are guaranteed to have a site unlike any other that pushes your company to new heights.

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email marketing strategiesWhile many marketers do not realize it, every day email marketing is tested against social media marketing.  Social media marketers tout the method as being far more personal, much less intrusive, and all around better than email.  Still, most businesses from in-home to Fortune 500 corporations still invest in email.  Email marketing still remains to be the most effective way to communicate and drive traffic to the website, converting visitors into paying customers.  Email marketers use automation techniques and several other strategies to compete with social media.  It is the in-depth email marketing strategies that keep the competition fierce when going up against one another, and with these strategies, email marketing will continue to keep the revenue coming in.


To keep email on top as a marketer you must master acquisition.  This requires building an email list of recipients that really want to receive your message.  It is important to look deep into your client list and weed out the weak in order to reach that target consumer.  The best way to go about creating this list is building awareness through the various online opportunities.  For example, using social networking outlets to promote availability of select email content on Facebook or Twitter can create strong interaction with your brand and help develop your contact list.  Also, search engine marketing campaigns can be used by referencing availability to email subscriptions on landing pages.  This creates a steady flow of experience for users and maximizes opportunities for acquisition.  Any success for an acquisition campaign comes from making the offer appealing to your audience.  One tried and true way to make the offer appealing is to offer a discount coupon after successfully signing up for the email list.  It is important to examine your audience and their needs when offering these coupons; your offer has to measure up to them giving you their private contact information.  These are some general tips when it comes to mastering acquisition and will help your email marketing strategies build strong potential.


There are two types of automated email: triggered and sequential.  Triggered emails are sent when a user takes a specific action.  Sequential emails are sent to customers on a predetermined schedule, the user signs up to receive an email and within the next week they receive their weekly email. Triggered emails are beneficial to retailers, because when a product is purchased that triggers the system to send an email.  It is important for retailers that are using triggered automation to keep their emails up to date to ensure the value of that email to their customer.  Sequential emails relate more to publishers and service providers.  By promoting weekly updates through email, publishers and services providers can keep their audience up to date and in tune with your organization.  Automation does not only benefit your audience but can benefit your staff.  Using up-to-date automation systems, your staff can receive messages that keep track of data.  For example: if the user got the email, if they went to the site, and if that email lead them to a purchase.  These are valuable tools when developing email marketing strategies and by examining the statistics coming in, you gain the ability to target problems and see where success is leading to hone in on conversions.

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web page designLately, companies focusing on web page design are actually realizing great profits, in addition to their success grows inside a rapid pace. There’s justification with this particular ongoing upward growth trend, due to the changing mechanics to conduct business as well as the strategies by that the internet now figures to the business equations of every single major company around the globe. Web development is certainly a romantic part of creating an internet business for a corporation or business, then when done properly, it considerably enhances the exposure from the organization for the public, however, if done wrong, you can get lots of irritation or annoyance among prospects.

One mistake that numerous companies make when creating or commissioning their websites is always to include PDF files. Clearly, the designers of people web pages feel justified including PDF files since they think that there’s a lot of information being effectively conveyed around the regular site and then the page is created inside the PDF format. The problem with this particular, however, is always that most internet clients don’t appreciate being submitted to some PDF page because it interrupts the flow from the browsing experience. A better strategy to use about delivering the particulars are to make a site with all of the information, and plus a link near the top of the page that allows clients to download the PDF once they wish, instead of integrating it an online page.

Formatting of text distribution is often furthermore a sizable trouble with poorly designed websites. Visitors to websites are frequently trying to find information presented in the manner that’s simple to take simultaneously, without having to bring a lot of focus or concentrate on bear about it. Some websites, however, have large blocks of text by themselves, which will immediately cause most website visitors for the site to eliminate interest.

Advertising is an additional common portion of difficulty if it involves commercial websites. Some make the most of advertising to have the ability to generate revenue, and a lot of services will otherwise require clients to cover cost because of the revenue created by advertising. Furthermore, some websites also allow pop-up advertising, which most internet clients really dislike. Although some advertising is understandable and acceptable, the quantity needs to be reduced so they won’t discourage site visitors for the site from studying the website content.

The problems known to above are really issues that might be easily avoided. It takes experience to recognize such problems. Without extensive experience creating websites will not possess the requisite experience to identify these issues. To have the ability to make certain that the company’s web page design are not stricken by similar problems, it is advisable to engage a reliable web development company to produce making your website. Clearly, you’ll still retain full authority over the way you require the web site to appear, nevertheless the design company will have a way to describe any defects inside the feature that you would like and suggest viable options.

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good web designWebsites are all about the functionally for the user. Online searchers will go to a website for many reasons such as buying products, getting information on a particular topic, or even interaction with multiple users in the case of social networking, etc.  But, even if a website can do all these fancy functions, it’s useless without a good web design.  Most website visitors will stay on a website for only a couple of seconds if they don’t find the website to be professional, user friendly, and trustworthy. This all happens sometimes by just one look. A good web design should be eye catching, have personality, and most importantly be user friendly & easy to navigate to the content the visitor is looking for. What good is a website if your user can’t navigate through the site quickly & easily?

Websites do better when they have an original design and layout, compared to a template site that has a cookie cutter layout. While a website template may seem like a quick easy solution, the exact same template – color scheme and all – will be used by many other companies. With a web design template, there is only so much modification you can do it make it look different. With a custom web design, you are giving your website the chance to be original and unique because the ultimate goal is to stand out from  your competitors.

People like to look at visuals; they are drawn to how a website  makes them feel when visiting.  Think about the message you want to deliver your potential customers when they come to your website before deciding what your web design needs are. You can truly provide a website which builds a relationship with your client, that makes them want to come back because they trust you and like the experience they had.

If you are planning a re-do of your current website, check out this helpful Website Redesign Checklist to help you get started.

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Measuring Soical MediaTips About Measuring Social Media Marketing Performance

There is no lack of controversy on social networking ROI. Social media revenue attribution is tricky given the actuality of Facebook and other social networking webstites privacy configurations and such. This challenge is the same for many word-of-mouth customer behavior. For example, how easy is it to attribute a buyer visiting a new surf shop because of a buddy’s recommendation?

But that doesn’t mean a company shouldn’t evaluate and measure social media marketing and get significant information on the effectiveness of their strategies. When utilized properly, social media marketing produces interest, awareness, advocacy, and even loyalty — which all can be measured for ROI.

These key performance indicators should be considered and social media marketers should be focused on seeing measurable results which can be tied to increased revenue. Consider the following factors that can be easily taken and measured:

Interest: Number of visits to your website, web page views, Facebook post and/or Tweet click-thrus from your posted link, page views on your social networking pages, re-Tweets & Twitter replies, and visits to your blog.
Awareness: The amount of of logo or brand & URL “mentions”.
Loyalty: How many Fans or Followers you gain, amount of increase to RSS subscribers, Facebook comments, mentions on Twitter, blog comments, and number of returning visitors to the website.
Advocacy: reTweets, other people posting your blog link, mentions of your company or brand, and yes – even Facebook “Likes.”

This is just the tip of what you can measure in your social networking campaigns and it goes to show you that you can effectively measure the value of social media. While both customer loyalty and brand awareness are important to a company, having your company recommended online by one of your customers is actually more useful than just awareness itself. Often times, Fans of your brand or company produce more powerful brand action than you yourself can.

Here are some tips on developing your own effective ways of measuring social media marketing:

1. Measure each of the things detailed above. Consider using both a social media tracking tool and a social networking posting tool to glean the information you need. Then think about a weighting element for each statistic. Are some characteristics more useful than others?

2. Once the key metrics are set up, gather information every week or monthly. What matters here is the amount comparative to a competitors’ worth and, furthermore, changing that value over a specified time period. Periodic variations are normal and likely to happen, so improvements and tweaks to your social networking campaign may be necessary. Watch over time for month-over-month increases – as that is what will prove great results.

3. Use a Graph to show a visual result — Interest, Awareness, Loyalty and Advocacy — all in one comprehensive report. This provides a summary of how these factors change monthly. Examine where each factor changes comparative to the others.

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Facebook has done it again!  There really is no stopping this freight train.  Currently, social media marketing on Facebook ads allows business pages to target their audience based on location and language.  But, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is developing more organic targeting options for your Facebook advertising.  The information from TechCrunch referred to new targeting options such as of Age, Gender, Relationship Status, Education, Workplace, City, and Interested in.

This is a huge announcement and will play a big role in the way social media marketers use their Facebook pages to target their audience. The way it works is for each individual fan you have on your page you can target specific posts to them.  For instance if you are targeting your latest line of women’s shoes, you can target that post specifically women only between the ages of 15-35.  This post will then appear on their mini feed and also on the Facebook page. Men will not see this update on their mini feed but it will still remain on the actual page.

This new marketing tool will only help people who are marketing through Facebook. Ideally, their ads will convert better and the new targeting methods will also help marketers to control costs. Those who use Facebook advertising will be able to write content targeted directly to their ideal consumer.  This unique tool is something to look out for in the upcoming months and will be a real asset to your social media marketing campaign.

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Web Design UpgradeWhen you look at your site, can you beam with pride and say to yourself, mighty fine website I have here! Kudos to my website development firm.

Or do you scratch your head, review your competitor’s site, then look at your site again and mutter to yourself, serves me right for employing this so-so web design firm, I certainly got what I paid for – quite outdated, ancient looking site straight out of the 90s!

If you don’t really know what an outdated website looks like, listed here are 5 indicators it is advisable to look out for. Should your site have any of these elements, then maybe you’d like to meet with a new web design firm that will help you update the appearance of your website. After all, you don’t want your customers to think they got sent back a couple of decades.

1.Ugly Patterned background – If your site has this ridiculous background image (patterns commonly), which undoubtedly decreases the website speed (be alarmed that Google also looks at site speed as an aspect in the rankings), then perhaps it’s time to take down your geocities inspired site and upgrade to a new one. Most brand new sites don’t make use of background images because they comprehend it slows down loading time of their sites. Should you want to use one, ensure it is related to your website, it is optimized and its file size reduced so your website visitors won’t need to wait till another century for the picture to finally load.

2.Rotating Flaming Logo – oh yeah please burst into flames already! Anybody who’s ever been doing web design knows how outdated this style is. A revolving flaming logo on top of the page, and help you god, utilizing comic sans or some odd looking font from 1998. Helvetica sends out its hello (and would want to remind you that its one of the favorite fonts of designers both offline and online).

3.A copyright notice that says a year that’s outdated. Precisely how long has it been since your internet site has been modified? Your customers will unquestionably be turned off or at the least, baffled you haven’t updated your internet site in a long time. For that matter, nearly anything that signifies an old date! From copyright date, to previous updates on your blogs (folks choose to read something up-to-date, rather than outdated). Additionally, Google likes fresh & new content, so don’t be a bit surprised your site isn’t positioned on the search results pages.

4.Frames – are you aware of anyone that actually utilizes frames these days? Nobody uses frames any longer. Except if your website hasn’t been updated since the late 90s. First, SEO-wise it’s not the best approach in their book, and second, it just doesn’t look nice anymore. Nor will it look nice whenever your site is seen on mobile. And I’m sure you’re aware, many people these days surf the web on their mobile phones. You don’t want to lose that market.

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Professional Design LogoJuly 6, 2012

Grif Blackstone
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Grif,

It is with deepest gratitude that I write this letter. I was happy to have met with you and your company not only in consultation, but for design logo and website development.

I am writing to thank you and your team of all-stars for your hard work, creativity, guidance and dedication in helping us to cultivate the Society of Acute Care Clinicians (SACC).

We have received many fabulous compliments and inquiry on our beautiful and professional design logo and website. Who would have thought we had just a jewel of a design company in our backyard. We are very pleased with the end results.

They are not enough words to express our appreciation for BMG’s amazing ingenuity and assistance with launching SACC’s website but also for exposure into social media. Thank you again for helping to pioneer the Society of Acute Care Clinicians. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Chris Dorman
President of SACC

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