If you are running a small business of any kind, then you might be wondering whether or not you actually need to utilize internet marketing for small business. The answer can be somewhat complicated, and it really depends on what type of business you have established. For example if you have established a fruit stand and have no plans to expand, then you might not need to use internet marketing other than a listing on Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Places for Business so that you can be found locally. If you plan to market to the entire world however, and if you really want to go places and be found by a larger target audience, then it’s time to look into SEO companies and other online marketing opportunities.


internet-marketing-for-small-businessSEO companies, Fort Lauderdale based like BMGcreative or otherwise, are designed to help you gain more exposure in the search engines, ensuring that the most highly searched keywords actually lead to your website. To accomplish this, you will have to learn which keywords are indeed the most popular and have them sprinkled throughout your site and combine them with an SEO strategy that includes high quality content, reputable link building and social engagement to your target audience. As a business owner, you need to work with a company that has expertise with search engine optimization and internet marketing for small business to help you convert the traffic you receive on your site into real customers.

Other forms of internet marketing will of course extend to social media, along with various e-mail campaigns that you might launch. You should be committed to a consistent brand marketing strategy across multiple channels, but you will find that internet marketing for small business is the best way to get your name out there and engage new clients to interact with your business. BMGcreative can work with your business side by side to leverage your brand and spread the word about your company. You might be operating on a small budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Whether you have $500 or $5,000 a month, we can help make the best use of your marketing dollars to make every lead count.

Internet marketing for small business is an affordable way to get started, and we’d love to see how we can work with you to accomplish your goals for growth in the second half of 2013. Contact us to get started.

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If you want your business to be successful on the internet, you need to ensure that you have an effective web design to begin with.

effective web design

With hundreds of other businesses selling products and services that may be similar, having a user friendly, effective web design with quality customer service is essential.

Your website design should begin by being as simple as possible. Customers don’t want long videos, animations or over the top graphics when they enter your site. Most of the time, they want quick information that they can scan and understand, in just a few seconds. As they click through the pages on a clearly defined navigation area, the flow should be logical and should contain facts.

Another important part of your web design, is to avoid the temptation to make your page too distracting by wanting to add too much. While social media connections are fine, you want to avoid them being the central focus of your website. What you want is a clean, professional layout that makes sense to your target audience.

Of course, all of this is going to be quite a bit of work. If this is your first time building the page, or you think you need a website redesign, then it might be time to have a website design professional step in. The web design professional will be able to construct a custom website design for your business that drives qualified traffic and produces sales and also ensures that everything runs smoothly throughout the project. They do this by understanding your goals such as:

What is your typical customer?
What potential customers are you seeking?
What does a person need from your website?
Do you have any sales or other goals?
What is your short term / long term marketing strategy for the website?
What immediate results does your site need to provide?

With this information in place, the professional handling your web design can begin to create a layout that will meet your needs. If e-commerce is involved, this includes verifying the shopping cart is integrated, and even that the pages are search engine optimized for the best performance when the website is launched.

Don’t let the need of planning an effective web design slow down your business. Instead, take a moment to speak with a qualified professional website design company like BMGcreative that will help you to create a top notch website that meets your needs and that is customized to help your business grow.


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Corporate Risk Consulting, Inc. is a leading independent risk management and insurance consulting firm that helps organizations improve performance by assisting them in reducing their Total Organizational Cost of Risk (TOCOR).

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