Subject-LineIf you knew that something as simple as changing a few words could make your email marketing campaign more successful, how long would it take you to implement those changes? You would probably implement them immediately because you want to maximize results from every campaign. That’s good because you are about to learn about some of the simplest mistakes that email marketers sometimes make. If you identify them as problems for your own campaigns, get ready to take action and fix those errors.

Say What You Mean

Creativity is fun to play around with, but it doesn’t always work well with email subject lines. Recipients want to know what is inside your email and why they should spend their time reading it. You can add fun symbols like hearts and stars, but your recipients are just as likely to be annoyed by that as intrigued. You can create slogans that grab attention, but if they may not make a reader curious enough to open the message.

You don’t have much space to make a subject line work, so use it wisely. Get to the point and speak directly to your reader. Why should they spend their time listening to what you need to communicate to them? Give them that urgent message directly so that they want to hear you out.

Keep It Positive

Internet marketers are experts when it comes to playing on the emotions of their targeted audience. Unfortunately, playing on negative emotions like fear do not work for most consumers when it comes to email subject lines. Studies have shown that readers are far more likely to open a message that makes them feel hopeful or happy rather than fearful or scared.

Any word that is associated with a negative experience or emotion could hold your email campaign back. Some words to watch out for are “cancelled,” “reminder” and “eliminated.”

Make It Exclusive

Can you offer a “limited” deal to “select” customers? What about an “exclusive invitation” just for special customers? When you make individuals feel special, they are likely to click your message open and see what you have to offer. You don’t have to limit the number of people who receive these email messages. The goal is to make every recipient feel like they are a member of a select or chosen group.

A Note on Personalization

It is now commonplace to add a recipient’s name into their email in order to make a personal connection. While that has shown to help with opening rates to some extent, research is showing that it isn’t always enough to get someone to open a message. If you can add the name of the recipient and somehow hint that time is running out or the deal is only good for a limited amount of time, then the personalization may work more in your favor.

If you have the technology to insert personal names in your email subject lines, it doesn’t hurt to add that personal touch. Just don’t expect that alone to get your recipients to click your message open.

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You took the time to find a talented website designer and invested in a professional web design. You poured your soul into writing high-quality content ready to inspire, motivate, teach and entertain your website visitors. You looked all over for the perfect images to create the perfect look and feel for each page of your site. You are now proud of what you have created, but there is a big problem: no one else seems proud of your site.

This is a problem many website owners encounter, but there are creative actions you can take to bring more visitors to your site. If you haven’t already started a marketing plan, right now is the time to change that. If you have been marketing your website but haven’t received the results you wanted, the following tips will help you develop a more efficient, results-driven plan. Get ready to unveil your beautiful creation on the rest of the world.

Spill Your Heart in a Blog

Do you have a blog for your website? If not, your goal is to change that this year. If you do, your goal is to change the way you think about your blog. This is not a space for stuffy declarations of your worth or heavy advertisements. Blogs are not meant to be updated once a month or only when you have a new product to push. Your blog is your space to tell the world what makes you tick, why you are special, and how you see your industry and the world at large.

Write tightly-focused blog posts that drill home one central idea in a personal manner. Speak directly to your readers so that they see you as a person to whom they can relate. Ask questions and take the time to read the comments when they start coming in. This is hard because you are revealing your true self in a vulnerable manner. Go there, and you will be rewarded.

Give Your Heart Away

Do you have an eBook, long report or other digital product that you know would help millions of people if they gave it a chance? Instead of pedaling it for what it is worth, give part or all of it away for free. This may make you squirm a little, but that only tells you that it is something of value that will work. The goal is to have other products to offer when people realize the value of your freebie and come back for more.

You can also write brilliant blog posts and give them to other bloggers. Why would you do that when you are starting your own blog? You do it because giving away that top-notch post allows you to tap into the audience already secured by other bloggers.

You will need to make updates to your website to make these ideas work. You may need to add an opt-in for visitors to receive your freebie in exchange for their name and email address, and the blog will take some time to setup. It will be worth it in the end as you get more for your marketing time and dollars.

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ecommerce onlineThe Last Word on Tips

The technology we use today is different than we used five years ago and will have undergone more changes in the next five years. A final tip will be to examine each change in technology for ecommerce to determine whether it will improve your site and make a better experience for your customers. Will new analytics tools provide information toward this end? Will the new tracking trends lead to improving your site overall? In most cases, the answer is most likely yes, the new technologies will bring improvements. Not always, but customer insight can help you decide if they do.

Staying on top of changes in technology and testing new methods is an ongoing process. No matter how much technology changes the tools used, the basic processes will remain the same. It is all necessary, though, if you want to achieve your goal of making the engagement of customers on your site as pleasant an experience as possible since that is what will keep them there and bring them back.

The bounce rate and customer feedback will always be the two best tools for improving your ecommerce site. Good feedback is wonderful but feedback about what customers don’t like could be the most important for improving the overall experience. Don’t discourage feedback about problems customers had on the site, invite it. This is especially important if your bounce rate goes up. Other tools will tell you what it is doing and may hint at why it is happening but it is customer insight that will tell you the most.

All the tools and tips you use from analytics to tracking should have one goal and that is to make the site comfortable for customers to navigate to find the products and information they want. Everything from site design and layout to product descriptions and pricing to checkout needs to be appealing so the customer’s engagement with the site is positive in every way possible. A customer who finds what they came to the site for quickly and easily is one who is more likely to spend more time finding and comparing other products as well.

Even though the technology and tools will change, you still need to test, analyze, track, update keywords, use creatively written product descriptions and information, update informational product demo videos (if you opt to use them) and evaluate customer feedback regularly. Based on what you learn from all of this, make changes that will make using your site easier for the customer. After all, those tools, tips and customer insight are what will make your ecommerce business successful.

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