Ways to Evaluate Your Web Agency

Since your web agency is going to be responsible for your long term success, it is critical to select and agency that provides exceptional results. To be certain you get real results to propel your website to the next level, you need to keep some important things in mind. Since they will handle everything from your SEO to consulting with you, you can’t risk your reputation with subpar results.

When you look at the web agency, it is important they don’t utilize the same formula for everyone they work with. Every company online has their own unique situation and their needs are based on their particular situation. The web agency should take the time to create a comprehensive strategy to provide actual value to your company rather than doing cookie cutter tactics that may only have a minimal impact.

Another critical area look for in your web agency should be key performance indicators, which help to better maintain the success and work towards the goals you set. Working closely with you, they should identify what metrics will be used to help determine the amount of success you have and on a routine basis, they should provide you with a report to give you an assessment of improvement and let you know the techniques that helped to achieve these results.

You should take a moment to also review their website. Pay attention to their top keywords and see where they rank and the layout of their page. If you notice they are struggling and not actually getting the results they have promised you, it might be a good idea to proceed with caution. After all, these are the people you would be entrusting with your own success.

You should even challenge the information they are providing you. Before you sign with the company, ask for proven results and websites they have done business with. Many shady companies will claim to have thousands of results only to have a mediocre track record and by the time you have figured it out, it may have already cost you thousands.

Find out what tools they will be using for your campaign. Most companies utilize some types of tools that will allow them to better optimize your website, track results and to better automate things. While it is fine if they are using tools, it is a good idea to see what they will be using, especially if they plan to install anything on your website. You don’t want any surprises later on.

Above all, it pays to trust your instincts. Watch for areas of concern, such as misspelled words and broken links. If something doesn’t add up, ask them to clarify it or point out the concern. If they sidestep it or become aggressive, just walk away from the situation and find a different company.

Ultimately, your online success is up to you. Make sure you take the time to evaluate any web agency you plan on using, keeping the above tips in mind. That way, you have a better chance of being successful when dealing with them and you should then run into fewer concerns when transforming your website.

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Evaluating Your Marketing Firm and Your Marketing Plan

Most companies have a formal budget that is reserved for marketing. They have an upper level to which they can go. They spend it each month and in all honesty, are probably not entirely sure that the budget is getting a return. If the marketing budget is spent on your website, an SEO team, brochures or articles, it’s hard to measure a real return in some cases, so you’re never quite sure if your marketing firm is working for you.

Any time that we spend money with a  marketing firm, we have to look at that expenditure and ask ourselves how well it working and whether the expense is netting a return. Very few companies actually lay out a plan that allows them to measure whether it is working and how well it is working to determine if the current marketing agency is doing the job or if they need to consider another alternative.

In order to track the worth of your marketing, there has to be a yardstick by which you measure it. What is that yardstick and how do you as a business implement it?

To a large extent the way in which you measure the return will depend on the way in which you are marketing and what you are marketing.

Logically, different types of measurement will apply to your marketing campaigns, those being:

Initiation of Contact. Customer contacts from the marketed area are one logical measurement to determine if the marketing is bearing fruit. If you are using, for example, a phone book advertisement and none of your calls comes from that campaign, it’s reasonable to assume that it is not a workable method.

Visibility-if you’re using a website marketing team and your website is no where to be found in search, does not show up on any keyword term and has no visibility overall in social media, the odds are very good that your particular marketing campaign is not viable.

Creating some bottom lines and benchmarks by which to measure is in the best interests of every company as a means to measure success from a marketing campaign.

When you seek to determine if your marketing firm is working for you, some things that you may want to take into account are these:

Get a starting point for each area of marketing.Determine where you were in search prior to hiring the company and where you are each month. Is there a rise in your visibility?

How frequently did you receive calls prior to hiring the marketing firm that could be linked to your website or your phone ad or other methods that you are using now? Have the number of calls risen dramatically or risen at all?

Once you’ve made the determination that the marketing firm is working for you,(or is not) consider how well it is working and why.

Evaluate what you are spending and how far it will go. Bear in mind that you cannot ask a company to do twice what you want to pay for. Consider the budget, be realistic about what it will do for you and consider expanding on it if you find that the company is giving you a return for what you’ve already spent.

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