From setting goals to seeking feedback, how a successful website promotes a successful business.


5 Simple Website Strategy TipsYour website strategy will play a critical role in the success of your business. At BMGcreative we know exactly what it takes to drive traffic, engage with your audience and increase your conversion rate. Your marketing strategy will ultimately determine the success of your website and any business that you do online. Continue reading nt-violetta

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On average, 30,000 sites are hacked a day due to poor website security. Is your’s next?


website security, website maintenanceWhatever kind of business you engage in, a stable website will be essential to ensure that you can engage with your audience and generate valuable leads that can be converted into sales. Your website should be informative and compelling, but perhaps just as importantly, it should be secure. Security is a challenge that all website owners face today. Constant threat of hackers, malicious software or even accidental loss of data mean an unsecured website could end up costing you money and, in the worst case scenario, lead to crippling setbacks for your business. Finding the right company to help you secure your website is not just good business; it’s necessary.

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Secure the attention of your potential customers with a good first impression on your website.


Landing Pages Are Crucial for Your Marketing StrategyWhen doing business online, every aspect of your online presence needs to be carefully aligned to your overall marketing strategy. To gain leads and ultimately make conversions, you will need effective landing pages. Although there are many aspects of your marketing effort that work to boost traffic and generate leads, there is sometimes too much emphasis placed in some areas, such as paid advertising, while other critical areas are overlooked. You could have the best advertising in the world, but if you don’t have the landing page that persuades and obtains buy-in, then you’re not going to see results. Continue reading nt-violetta

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