UX PrinciplesIf you’re involved in business or marketing, you’ve probably heard the buzzword “UX” thrown around. But what does UX really mean?

UX design focuses on customer experience and satisfaction through utility, content, and ease of use. UX can often be confused with usability, but that is only one component of the overall customer experience. User Experience analysis begins with understanding and empathizing with your customer, and improving with them in mind. Below, we explain some of the key principles for better user experience in web design. Continue reading nt-violetta

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AiandSEOIn 2015 Google first confirmed its use of “RankBrain.1” RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that helps analyze user intent and increases the relevancy of search results. Since then, advances in Ai, particularly in language processing and deep learning, has continued to improve search engine results. Google learns over time, based on what users interact with on any search result, and adjusts rankings accordingly. Continue reading nt-violetta

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The reality of digital advertising today is that you have just a few seconds to capture a consumer’s attention. People are increasingly attached to their phones, checking them constantly and going online in short bursts. Google’s Content Marketing team, Think with Google, decided on a term to describe this phenomenon. In 2015 they defined these as “Micro-moments.” A micro-moment describes those precise moments of intent, when a consumer gets on their smart phone to make a decision. Today, with the proliferation of mobile use, these micro-moments have become more and more critical to marketers. Mobile media use is up more than 1 hour from 2013, seeing steady increases every year1. Continue reading nt-violetta

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