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6 Reasons Professional Photography is So Important for Your Business


Investing in professional, high resolution images is critical for brands trying to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. 67% of consumers think image quality is important when making a purchasing decision online.  Below are the top reasons why it is important to invest in your own professional photography for your brand.

  1. Professional photographs are a versatile asset

A professional photo is the building block for all things content related, and we all know “content is king.” Professional photography will not only enhance your brochures and print collateral, but will provide a solid foundation for your social media and digital presence, underscoring your brand.

  1. Your media is your brand

It might be tempting to do your photography yourself to minimize your budget. However, ultimately, if your photography looks amateur, so will your business. Poor quality photos reflect on the the quality of your services and business.

  1. Increase your conversions

High quality photos also serve a more practical purpose if you are ecommerce. They allow for customer to get a better look at your product and show your product in a more favorable light. This results in more sales! Many people don’t read the text on your site and prefer to scroll through the images. Your photos end up doing all the work!

  1. It reduces returns

Great product photography shows more detail in the product and shows the product at various angles. This reduces returns because the customer has a better idea of what they can expect.

  1. They are better at stirring up emotions

Emotional appeal is one of the strongest drivers in advertising and marketing. People are innately visual, and images are easier at conveying emotions than text. A great photographer can not only professionally capture your product features, but the emotions that come along with its use.

  1. No need to invest in equipment

A professional photographer will have all the right tools to get the job done. You will have no need to go out an purchase a professional camera, tripods, or backgrounds.

  1. Your image is uniquely yours

While many brand rely on stock photography, hiring a professional photographer allows for your brand to look less cookie cutter and more unique. Custom photography lets you fully express what your brand represents. You also wont have the same image everyone else is using.

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