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Who We Are

  • BMGcreative is an integrated branding and marketing agency in South Florida specializing in brand strategy & development, advertising, graphic design, print, social and digital marketing. Our creatives deliver fresh, insightful perspectives and innovative work that ignite growth for our clients' business.

What We Do

  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of technical competency, best practices, and industry knowledge in our areas of expertise.


  • With BMGcreative as your full service marketing agency, your business is fueled by the thought leaders, marketers, artists, content creators, media maestros, dexterous developers, digital overlords, production wizards, savvy social media experts and all-around growth hackers that make up our team.


Doug Scott

Chief Thinking Officer

Doug Scott, Chief Thinking Officer of BMGcreative. I'm most known for being an Entrepreneur and Motivator. It all starts with a passion. We are a collaborative team with the passion to take an idea through the journey where thinking, storytelling, and innovation help us transform an idea into results.


Tiffany Holley

VP Digital + Development

I like to think of myself as a creative, calculated risk taker who values integrity, innovation and growth. I have a knack for growth hacking with a focus on launching new services, brainstorming new ideas and developing cost effective alternatives to traditional marketing.


Reina M. Lima

VP + Creative Director

I conceptualize, visualize, and realize brand identities for entrepreneurs ready to put their most professional foot forward. From web design to creating social voices, I want to help you build your brand identity. I've helped launch over 50 brands in various industries, providing my clients with all of the business assets they need to succeed in their marketplace.


Deja Holley

Marketing Manager

My strengths lie in being a forward-thinking multi-talented creative digital marketer. I work in a variety of facets at BMG Creative including account management, social media marketing, graphic design, content creation, project management, event marketing support & more.


Betsy Hackney

HR + Accounting

I'm responsible for overseeing all of our financial matters – corporate and client – as well as handling many HR-related activities. I keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes so that your experience as a client is seamless.


Mike Visnick

Director of Business Development

As BMGcreative's strategic Business Development manager, it's my purpose to find companies that need to expand their digital marketing efforts and presence by partnering with our agency. I work with the team to ensure a seamless onboarding process and set you up with the right services for your business growth goals.




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