Why Agencies Shouldn’t Guarantee SEO Results

Why You’ll Never Get a Guarantee of Success from a Reputable SEO CompanySEO

If you look closely at Google’s support page on Search Engine Optimization, you’ll find one line that is particularly interesting. It simply reads, no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. This might counter what you’re currently expecting from a search engine marketing company, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

If you’re about to invest in digital marketing, particularly in search engine optimization, then this is a fact that you’re going to have to quickly accept, and always keep in mind. While there are techniques that can boost your search ranking and help to keep you visible online, there are numerous reasons why you can never expect a top ranking as the only possible outcome, and you should be wary of the companies that guarantee their SEO results.

Reaching the Top Spot is No Simple Process

Search rankings are unstable by nature. Not only are rankings determined by search engine signals that are found on your pages, links, and other content, but they also change depending on geographic location, regardless of your targeted keywords. For a company to guarantee that they can ensure a number one, or even a page one ranking for your website, would mean that they would have to perform a ludicrous amount of research, work, and ongoing maintenance to even come close to delivering what they have promised. Reputable companies don’t do this, because in the real world, a guaranteed stable first page ranking is simply not possible.

Making Any Kind of Ranking Guarantee Would Be Unethical

When you do come across search engine marketing companies that promise SEO success, a first page ranking, or even a number one ranking, you will find that their claims are associated with sensationalist marketing. In all likelihood, these companies know that they cannot guarantee any particular level of success, and their marketing tactics are considered unethical in the wider marketing and SEO communities.

However, this does not mean that you should shy away from a service provider that can offer you proven ranking strategies. Content marketing, keyword optimization, ethical link strategies, and paid advertising can all be used to boost your search engine ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The key is to keep expectations in check when it comes to what you think can be delivered. Online reputation, customer testimonials, and a breakdown of an SEO strategy can all help you to separate the unethical, overpromising SEO companies from those that can genuinely benefit your digital marketing strategy.

Your Ranking is Impacted by More Than the Strategy Offered by a SEO Marketing Company

One of the biggest reasons why a guarantee of success is rarely seen in top companies, is because the market leaders all know that SEO is a two-way street. While a consultant can help you to perform keyword research, competition analysis, and propose the best techniques that will give you the biggest rank increase for your budget, there are also other factors that will impact your end ranking. The content that you post on your site and your blogs, your overall online reputation, and even your social media presence all have the potential to impact your search ranking. A good company will recognize that while they have a strong influence on the ranking, your actions will also be a factor, and that makes it too risky to provide any kind of guarantee.

Have You Placed Too Much Importance On Your Search Ranking?

A high search ranking makes you visible, but is not a measure of a successful business. In addition to the fact that you shouldn’t expect to get a guarantee of a top search ranking, you should also consider that your ranking is not a true metric to determine the success of your search engine marketing. More important than ranking is the traffic that you receive, and your conversion rate from that traffic. Even without a top search ranking, your search presence could still be providing you with direct traffic from Google and Bing, and your overall digital marketing strategy could be generating traffic from other resources like social media, external blog posts, and inbound links from credible resources.

You Need More Than an SEO

Search engine optimization is important for your business, but it’s your wider search engine marketing that will account for your success. If you hire a one-trick SEO then you’re never going to achieve the success that you could with a complete digital marketing company.

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