Better Email Marketing for 2013

Better Email MarketingWhether you are already involved in an promotion via e-mail marketing or are simply considering the possibility of launching a promotion via e-mail it is worth noting that marketing via e-mail is not always effective. This means that sometimes despite your best initiatives, your e-mail marketing campaigns will either not produce the level of ROI you anticipated or may not produce any results at all. This failing to convert may be due to a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons may be a lack of attention on behalf of your target audience, failing to effectively communicate your promotion or even inadequate planning of your email campaign.  This article will take a look at some circumstances in which email marketing is not effective and will provide some advice for moving forward in a more effective way.

First we will consider why a lack of attention from your target audience can result in a failed marketing promotion via e-mail. Before making an investment of time, energy and money into a new email marketing campaign, it is beneficial to hire a professional to do some research on market trends for your industry. This analysis should provide useful feedback such as demographics for your target audience and details on the probability these prospective viewers may have on responding to the promotion or marketing campaign. The overall probability or expected response rate should help you to determine whether or not to pursue the new email marketing campaign you had in mind. If general market trends indicate that your target audience are not likely to purchase the goods or services you provide via email, making an investment in a new email marketing campaign is not effective or beneficial. You should choose to use your marketing budget where it will have the most impact.

Another aspect of promotion via e-mail which can cause your email marketing to fail is the inability to effectively execute your email marketing plan. This is important because even the most well formulated email marketing campaigns can flounder if you are not able to effectively execute when it is time to do so. For example, you may plan to use e-newsletters as a critical part of your new email marketing communication but if these e-newsletters do not appear to be professionally designed and written, frequently arrive late and/or do not provide useful details, your target audience is not likely to want to purchase your products or services now or in the future based on their impression of the e-newsletters. In each aspect of your email marketing, you should strive to ensure the information is informative, relevant, and engaging.

Finally, inadequate preparation can cause a new email marketing promotion to be unsuccessful. For example, if you were to send out your email blast with the expectation of selling a lot of products, your business should be prepared to process those orders and deliver on the expectations of your customers. Not having enough stock on hand after you send out a promotional message can be a critical mistake because prospective clients may be upset if they have to wait for the items. This is just one example of inadequate preparation which can cause problems.

Better email marketing in 2013 will come with good planning & strategy, research, and execution.

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