New Marketing Ideas for 2013New Marketing Ideas for 2013Each year, just like the last, there are plenty of new marketing and advertising concepts that are thrown at business owners. Some perform well and well….others fail miserably and should never be re-visited. Here are three effective new marketing ideas for 2013 that you may want to consider if you haven’t already.

Pinterest for Business. This is simply a personal bulletin board where you can pin photos and share ideas. Pinterest allows you to discuss whatever you want with other individuals who follow you on the site. For example, you may want to share your images of an exclusive event such as a marriage, party, grand opening or anything else you want. You can give your followers ideas on how to use your products and services in the best way possible. Photos really do say a thousand words – and it has been proven time and time again that great images resonate with people much better than just text.

As a user, you can surf bulletin boards that other individuals have designed. Pinterest for Business is an excellent way to share great content and allow people to bookmark or pin it. This may also encourage others to view your content as well.

Mobile Marketing. Mobile promotion has exploded in the last few years, so much so that many individuals are often using it as their primary place of promotion. In mobile marketing platforms, you have the flexibility to target different types of users and devices which can give you significant advantages in a way that no other marketing provides. As more individuals use smartphones and other mobile devices, the potential for this kind of marketing will only continue to improve and be able to be delivered to the best target audience for your product or service. In the US, 46% of individuals own a smartphone and that number continues to grow every day. One third of all smartphone users have made at least one purchase via the internet on their phone. Some do it consistently as the comfort of doing it improves. As this becomes more and more common, the marketing opportunities increase and improve.

Content Marketing. Content promotion, while not new in itself, is more essential than ever before because of all the changes search engines have made, such as its popular Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. There is much more focus on the value of content on a website than ever before. The search engines want to provide a good user experience. Online searchers do not constantly want to revisit old content again and again. People need to see targeted and relevant content on all sites they check out so they can make educated decisions whether it is to make a purchase or get information.

Essentially, marketing will always change and improve with the times. Smart business owners will change with the times or get left behind in the dirt of their competitors that are doing a better job of tracking what their consumers are looking for and delivering it.

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good website hostingPreviously, server space was very pricey. Therefore, should you desire to host your website on the good server, you’d have needed to spend lots of money. But today, good website hosting solutions are available at simply just a small fraction of the price. Today, the main focus is much more upon creating ease of access so that users are able to easily get to your website without slow load times and difficulty.

Additionally, you will find that websites that do provide ease of access are much more frequently visited and utilized. Here’s a few tidbits that will help you understand why this is such an important feature on your website – and essentially why you want a hosting company with fanatical customer service that takes your business seriously.

Web ease of access works well for growing your subscriber base. If you continue to update your content with valuable information on a blog or other pages, you can only expect return visitors if your website is easy to use. If there are problems accessing the information, your visitors will leave the page just as quickly as they came.

Building customer loyalty is important and does have much to do with ease of access to using your website. Think about it – if you can’t provide a good user experience and that is not important to your company, then your online visitors will not feel valued. And, there’s an excellent chance they will head over to one of your competitors when they need a product or service like yours.

Again, the first impression one may get of your company is through your website. If it is a poor user experience, they may think that dealing with your company will be difficult. If they can zip through your website and find exactly what they need in 2 or 3 clicks, you keep them happy.

Additionally, whenever your website provides a good user experience, with great content and quick loading pages, it will naturally become more visible towards the search engines like Google. This is particularly driven by compliance for their standards and the use of clean coding utilized in website development. Overall, it isn’t ONLY good website hosting that provides a good user experience on your website – but it is one of the factors. At BMGcreative, we partner with Rackspace web hosting because we love the experience they provide for our clients and they are very responsive.

If you have any questions about good website hosting and what options you have for your new website, contact us! We are happy to answer any questions and help you find a web hosting plan to fit your needs.


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Simply understanding good web design is not the way to succeed, but executing a great website correctly for your business is exactly what will help you grow. Just as getting any new tool for your company is not enough, you have to put it to use fully for it to help your business grow and succeed. Suppose you’re showing up for an exam. You’ve got the right number of pens and all sorts of paper but if you do not know the answers to the questions, you are still going to fail.

The same thing goes if you want your company to grow. The tools that you have available to you must be used to their fullest to bring the return on investment. Probably the most important tool of most companies is the website. It’s the face of the organization and should be utilized completely to achieve its benefits. Getting a good web design is not as simple as throwing up a template or paying some company $500 to put a site up for you. In the competitive landscape of any industry, companies need to really stand out and build strong associations with their clients. Some key elements within a good web design are ease of use, aesthetics, and professionalism.

First Impressions Are Everything

This is often easily described in truth as the “first impression may be the last impression”. Whenever you browse a company’s website you immediately get an impression, whether good or bad, of the organization. You have to keep in mind that the impression you leave in the person’s mind will give them an idea regarding the standard of work performed at your organization and what kind of experience they can expect when doing business with you. An unprofessional website can ruin the first impression of your organization completely.

Keep Your Clients In Mind

Web designs which have a great design but lack quality content, can’t engage your audience because they still can’t find the information they need. Content development is easily the most crucial of all of the phases of the website. It can look amazing but if it doesn’t provide the information your potential clients need to make a decision on whether or not to do business with you, then the website fails to convert. This is one of the quickest ways to lose customers upon first impression.

Building strong relationship with Clients

While good web design may be what draws your clients in, ultimately supplying them with good content, quality service and a good reputation will help you grow your client base. Today, online business continues to have momentum therefore, if you’re in it then make your website as good as it can be – professional in appearance and easy for your online visitors to use. This is what will help you develop a strong relationship together with your clients.

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Creative Agencies in Fort LauderdaleWhether you really want to develop a creative brand design or want to fully execute a strategic re-branding campaign for your business, there’s enough reason to use the professional services of creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale if you do not have an in-house creative team. While looking for these agencies you might run into various self employed, small local agencies, larger digital marketing agencies with national offices and even some multinational advertising agencies. So, how would you select the best one for your business?

It is almost always difficult for a business owner to change perception and think about the entire picture. He or she may know plenty about getting new business card printing for the company employees, but what ought to be the final design or what about the logo design? Let’s say the organization does not have an in-house design department. If this is the case with you, as it is for many small businesses, it is certainly advisable to select one of the professional creative agencies in your area to accomplish the project. This could save considerable time and money.

There is a lot to be considered before producing a great brand. The final colors, fonts, and message is portrayed is very important, as you ultimately want it to grab the interest of your target audience. Each one of these things could be better handled with a creative agency than trying to do it on your own. You will think of more questions along the way, and any of the professional creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale you choose to work with will help you clarify what is needed to be successful. Here at BMGcreative, we sit down with our clients and ask many questions about the company, culture, products or services and what they want their image to portray. We help our clients to “Never Look Small”. Regardless of how small your needs are, whether it is simply a business card, it is wise to be strategic.

Whenever you employ a creative agency to produce your logo design or help you with your marketing strategy, you’re going to get what you pay for. Your decision in choosing to work with one of the creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale should not be based solely on price. Hire a company with a solid reputation that makes you feel like a valued client, regardless of what you are spending.

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Creative Agencies in Fort LauderdaleThere are many variables to look for when seeking out web design. However, just because you choose a Fort Lauderdale-based company does not mean that you have to live in Fort Lauderdale in order to take advantage of their services. They can also provide you with hosting. A good web hosting company can give you everything that is needed to not only get your site designed, but to also get it up and running on the internet, and to keep it running in such a manner that those who try to access your site can do so without incident.

The first thing that you should look for when it comes to creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale is what you will get for the money that you spend. The design of the site should be such that it is easy for anyone who goes on the site to understand and use it. There should be a menu or navigation that is easily navigated by visitors to the site. The site should be professional and should look as such. The biggest mistake that people make when they go online is cutting corners on their websites. They look for cheap options and the chance to create their own site using templates. Unfortunately, this usually creates a site that is not professional in appearance. While this can be fine for those who are simply creating some sort of personal site, this is not a good option for anyone who wants to be considered professional online. The type of site that you use will be reflective of your business, so it is best to make sure that you let professionals design your website instead of trying to take this on yourself.

The developer will be able to work with you to create something that you can be proud to say represents your business online. Beware of those who say that they can do this and end up using templates to create a site that any student could create. You need a professional Fort Lauderdale web design company for this type of job, not one that will try to take the easy way out and charge you for something that you did not receive. Take a look at the reputation of the design company and see what else they have done in the past. This can be a good indicator of a good company. They should be able to provide you not only with high quality web design, but also hosting solutions and a host of other services to brand and promote your company in the best way possible to give you the return on investment for your advertising and marketing budget.

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creative agenciesWith the world living existence online- purchasing things, interacting with one another, researching, and entertaining themselves, it’s no surprise that brands wish to promote themselves to boost their presence online. This begins by having a website and perhaps some online marketing, but could go so far as starting creative, interactive marketing campaigns on numerous social networking channels. Sooner or later between all this digital excitements, the web marketing agency hands over their accounts towards the creative agencies.

Online marketing creative agencies tend to pay attention to marketing strategies, for example internet search engine optimization (SEO), ad campaigns, press announcements, and eblasts. They frequently have web-developers and designers employed in-house, this way they are able to offer their customers a complete online marketing service experience. Frequently brands new to the web acknowledge they require a website however, they do not understand what search engine optimization even is. Once the site becomes recognized and generates multiple visitors, the client will call their web design company and request ways to help improve traffic.

While all brands require some quantity of Search engine optimization, particularly when writing their meta particulars, it’s mainly small brands which are determined by people discovering about the subject as well as their items via Google searches or advertisements. People thinking about purchasing Coca-Cola usually don’t perform a Search for “fizzy drinks”, but people searching for a nearby electrical installer might perform a look for “Fulham electricians”. Consequently online marketing companies frequently use more compact, or service-brought clients. With that said, a number one jewelry designer may want individuals to have the ability to find their items from just typing “earrings” right into a internet search engine, or Nike may want individuals to see their latest sneaker designs by typing “awesome kicks” right into a internet search engine.

Creative agencies are usually comprised of digital specialists, graphic artists, social networking gurus, in addition to individuals with offline marketing experience who are able to conceptualize marketing campaigns that mix offline with internet. These creative agencies might perform advertising campaign that includes a video ad online, a Twitter competition, as well as an interactive application on Facebook. Then possible creative and awesome methods for individuals campaigns to tie into offline marketing. A couple of years back for example, Dazed and Confused Magazine met up with Adidas to produce a guerrilla marketing competition, where participants were urged to transform gray areas around London into eco-friendly ones. They needed to videotape themselves in the process after which publish them towards the magazine, for the opportunity to be featured and win awards. Your competition was promoted offline and online, the job ended offline, but involved using technology, and so those who win were featured on the internet and in publications. This is an excellent illustration of an advertising and marketing campaign that does not only get the brands fans involved, but moves them effortlessly online to offline.

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creative agenciesIf you’re searching for advertising agencies that have proficiency in creating both offline and online campaigns, then you should go for full service creative agencies. They are service companies who provide a variety of marketing, promotion and related services in one place.

Online product promotion has acquired extreme recognition thus leading to approaching of countless digital agencies whose specialty areas are in web creating, e-mail marketing, search and network marketing. Creative agencies Fort Lauderdale offers highly innovative services which ensure best and inventive digital communication for companies and company. Their selection of clients includes medium and small companies in addition to some bigwigs too.

The best aspects about these creative agencies are their consultative approach and focus on business results. While preparing the campaign, they always force on client satisfaction which leads to a lengthy lasting relationship. Listed here are a couple of services you may expect from creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale

1. They assist in web and e-business development. Usually companies want their websites to project a particular image or focus on a particular theme, e.g., a business offering insurance items would really like the web site to provide some interesting experience regarding their items and services. Only a skilled digital creative agency can help in right projection to ensure that the business’s online presence turns into a key brand communication point using its clients. The primary objective of those service companies is an ideal integration of economic and technical needs which will get converted right into a smooth consumer experience. They not just assist in creating the web site but additionally offers maintenance and management services.

2. Digital creative agencies based in Fort Lauderdale assist in identity and brand design. If this involves projecting a picture or creating an impact, the business’s logo design turns out to be impressive. You will find many logos which instantly help remind us from the company’s items and services. Rather, it works as a primary communication tool more often than not the logo design functions like a visual indication from the company’s promise and resolve for its clients. Creative agencies play a substantial role in converting the business’s characteristics, service or product objectives right into a unique and memorable identity. Their services include complete design and print solutions for branding reasons and for business stationeries.

3. A lot of companies are employing web as effective marketing tools. Creative Agencies in Fort Lauderdale assist in this endeavor. Using their proven history and experience of internet marketing and seo, they assist in best promotion of items and services thus delivering measurable results. Their internet marketing solutions include creating out advertisement campaigns, email & viral marketing, newsletters, web surveys and researching the market. Additionally they assist in record analysis of web site traffic.

Creative agencies based in Fort Lauderdale not just assist in preparing online campaigns. Additionally they provide services for other media like magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, etc. Using their understanding and experience of media planning and services, these agencies be sure that the right media continues to be selected which isn’t only economical but ideal for any specific advertisement campaign. Their projects are addressed by experienced, brilliant and highly creative labor force who’s quite able to giving a distinctive contour around each campaign. You will find a lot of companies that are unwilling to spend huge sum for advertisement reasons. Creative agencies make certain the project is finished within allocated budget and particular time period.

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Mobile Friendly Website Design, do I need it?

A very popular trend, to this day is smart phones. iPhones, Androids, blackberrys – everyone has one. So why is it important to have a mobile friendly website design?

People are always moving, never stopping. If a reader is in the car or out to dinner and wants to gaze over one of your articles, or a potential client is looking at your mobile friendly website design to find business information they should be able to do so with ease. They won’t always have a computer with them. It’s a habit for them to pull it up on their smartphone.

If they can only read your website through a laptop or a desktop, it is frustrating to your online visitor. It will cause them to immediately leave your site and go elsewhere. If you haven’t integrate your mobile friendly website design or updated your website to have a mobile responsive design, it’s likely for you to lose business.

1- Graphics
It’s important when designing your mobile website to have all devices in mind. Not everyone may have an iPhone. Different manufacturers or older models may not be able to handle graphics that you normally would on a monitor. Some smartphones may have 150×150 pixel density, while newer ones may have 1080p. A perk is that most newer smart phones may be able to handle a full website. But you would want to still keep basic imagery, few popups and low movement. That way even with some smartphones that have basic html capabilities, when viewing your website, it can still look great and function as it should.

2- Size
Mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger but they still aren’t the size of a desktop or laptop monitor. Also they are not as wide as most computer screens, so it’s important to keep your mobile friendly website design as a smaller easier to read version. Some phones, like blackberrys, have track pads which can have an affect on the size of the screen so it would be likely for the phone to resize the picture. That could make your mobile friendly website design look unprofessional and mashed-up. It’s good to always keep a basic, easy-to-read format when planning a mobile friendly website design.

3- Composition
The content you decide to put on your mobile friendly website design has to be simple and uncluttered. If a mobile viewer is reading your website but there is a mess of pictures and pop-ups, they would be frustrated and leave the site. Try to only have essential content on your mobile friendly website design. That way mobile viewers won’t have a problem browsing around on your web pages and getting the information they need.

If you decide to make a mobile friendly website design it’s important to have the viewer in mind. What would you want to see on mobile websites?

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