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Website Redesign Checklist

If your website is outdated, it is time for a fresh design that speaks to your target audience. When it comes to a website redesign, something new and different, even radically so, can really transform your site into something spectacular that you can be proud to show your customers. There are several reasons you may want to update your web design – whether it is to move to a CMS (content management system) or because you are rebranding or just because you want something that is current and relevant. If you do not know exactly where to begin, we can help! We’ve created this Website Redesign checklist to make your job a heck of a lot easier.

1. Benchmarking your current website’s metrics.

This is important so that you can set some future goals and know where you started vs. where you are heading. Record or track the number of visits, visitors, time spent on the site, bounce rate, SEO rankings for your keywords, number of leads you are getting, and if applicable, the amount of sales you are getting on a month to month basis.

2. Set goals.

Be very clear about why you need a website redesign and link that to results you can measure. Do you want to convert more sales? Do you want to incorporate something that is not already there? Do you need better SEO? Do you need more flexibility?

3. Avoid losing current keyword rankings.

Find out which pages are ranked highly for the most important keywords and ensure those are kept in tact when your new site launches. If this important step is not taken, you will have to start all over again to get to the top of the search engine result pages!

A website redesign can make your website a better experience for visitors.

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4. Create valuable content that your target market is searching for.

While your new website design is being completed, take that time to revamp your current website content with fresh, new copy that will be of great value to your visitors. Remember, the more relevant and informative your content is, the more your visitors will value your site and the more the search engines will love it. Don’t forget the all important Calls to Action!

5. Incorporate a Blog

If you haven’t already jumped on the blogging bandwagon, now is the time to start. The constant updated content is excellent for SEO and driving traffic to your site and gives you the “street cred” you deserve. Be the authority in your industry and let your competitors and customers know you mean business! Make sure your new website design includes a blog that you can easily update yourself.

Try not to get caught up only with how your site will look – focus on how it will work for your needs to ensure the best end result.

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Search Engine Marketing CompanyOptimizing your website for the major search engines like Google is really a necessity. And every internet search engine has its very own algorithm and rules to follow along with, making the job rather challenging. Choosing a good internet search engine marketing company to assist you to boost your web business is hard. However, make certain that our internet search engine marketing company includes a status on the market otherwise you might finish up wasting a lot of your money and time. Before choosing an internet search engine marketing company, you have to identify your requirements and goals, which support the search engine optimization firm to know your expectation and frame an appropriate online marketing strategy for you personally.

The requirements may vary from business-to-business. Although some are searching for branding, others might be thinking about simple search engine optimization for enhancing search ratings. However, the best goal for just about any business is a great return on investment. Therefore, the first task is to determine which return on investment you’re expecting out of your internet search engine marketing company. To have an e-commerce site or sites that provide items (not always an e-commerce site), one should determine the need for each lead coming with the search engine optimization efforts to appraise the return on investment. Similarly, sites which have most of the leads coming through someone calling, the aim is going to be a rise in the site’s traffic relevancy. Within this situation, one should discover the need for each click originating from their search engine optimization efforts and the amount of total clicks monthly to appraise the Return on investment using their internet search engine marketing company. However, it’s not feasible for any internet search engine marketing company to supply results overnight. Thus, it’s suggested to judge year-over-year increases to look for the return on investment from search engine optimization efforts.

Your internet search engine marketing company should have the ability to provide personalized services, according to your needs. Search engine optimization includes numerous online practices including market and keyword research and analysis, site or web pages structure optimization, backlink building, manual directory submission, article distribution, and content strategy and duplicate-writing. All these tasks have unique challenges and never always needed by all websites. For instance, the needs of the recently released website will vary from what high-quality site that lack visible text and have technical challenges.

A great internet search engine marketing company will invariably blend traditional marketing practices using the latest trends to create your online marketing strategy effective. Though social networking marketing and content distribution is attaining more recognition nowadays, it’s impossible to eliminate the significance of manual directory submission or any other traditional backlink building processes. Actually, manual directory submission plays a substantial role in building quality one-way links. This, consequently, works well for enhancing search ratings too as with getting specific site visitors. The benefits of manual directory submission are manifold. You are able to directly tap your specific audience, as manual directory submission includes posting the website within the specific category where it’s most appropriate. Manual directory submission is among the best ways to achieve quality backlinks. Make certain your internet search engine marketing company tests and reviews you concerning the Internet Search Engine Friendliness from the sites where they’ve posted your website by hand.

Finally, it is crucial that the internet search engine marketing company maintain transparency while educating you along the way. This can also enable you to know how the internet search engine marketing company works and it’ll become simpler to get recommendations carried out to push the general internet marketing program forward.

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Fort Lauderdale Web Design CompanyThe times that we live have come to be known as the information age, thanks to the various technological advances and breakthroughs that have been made over the last few decades. The internet, in particular, has been the main harbinger of this new age, transforming almost every aspect of our lives. The internet is also why a new industry in ecommerce website design has sprung up almost overnight, and the services of a web design company are indispensable to any business that wants to succeed and grow.

Whereas before, if you wanted information you had to visit a library, now you simply use an internet search engine. Previously, people communicated with telephones or regular post, but now online chatting and email are the main methods of communication. The internet has completely changed our approach to everyday living, including how people locate providers of the various goods and services that they want or need.

Just ten years ago, if you wanted a new book to read, you would have to get into your car and drive to the nearest bookstore in order to get it. And if your local bookstore did not have the title that you wanted, you would either have to drive further to find a larger bookstore, or call the publisher and order the book you wanted. Today, however, all you need to do to find even the most obscure titles is to use a search engine and you are bound to find someone, somewhere, selling the title that you want.

This has become standard practice for everyone, and businesses need to adapt to new business models in order to take advantage of this change in consumer habits and also to avoid becoming obsolete. If you run a business that does not have an internet presence yet, then chances are that your business is stagnating, unable to expand beyond a single brick-and-mortar store.

Even if you already have a website, that is far from being a guarantee of success. A website simply offers your business a better chance of survival, not the certainty of success. In order to improve your business through online means, you will most probably require web design services, unless you already have detailed knowledge and know-how regarding the programming and design of websites.

The new business buzzword of the information age is ecommerce, which describes the act of selling and purchasing products and services through online means. It includes every aspect of an online purchase, from the advertisement of products on a website, to electronic forms of payment and post-purchase delivery.

It is extremely important that your ecommerce website design includes the latest in electronic payment options so that customers are able to pay with whatever means they are most comfortable with, easy website navigation, and an attractive layout designed to induce customers to purchase your products or services. To that end, hiring a reliable web design company is definitely a good idea, as that will give your business a better chance of success.

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Web Design Fort LauderdaleHave you ever considered what your customers think is important when it comes to your website? If not – then you may not be effectively hitting your target audience when it comes to your web design.

A recent survey showed that men respond positively to a web design when the site works very fast and that women tend to value the ease of use of a given web design. If your target audience are children, it is important to know that most kids will not even start exploring a website until it has fully loaded. Teenagers have been shown to have a more difficult time figuring out how to use a website than an average adult web user. Those using the internet via mobile devices who are 45 and older are less patient than other age groups when it comes to page load times.

While some of these statistics may seem crazy, they do come from real surveys and studies performed by credible sources. And this is exactly why web design is not “one-size-fits-all”. You should be paying close attention to who your target audience really is. It is important to know who is coming to your website and why & to be strategic and purposeful in your web design.

Here are three steps any website owner & online marketer should take – especially if you are considering a website redesign:

1. Research your audience – You probably have an idea of what type of people visit your website. The next step is to gather data on who they are and how they are using your website and the internet in general. You can use Google Analytics to analyze behavior on your website. You can even do your own survey at the end of your sales process to find out more detailed information about your customers.

2. Test your website in the real world – Use A/B testing to find out what works better. Try different copy on similar landing pages. Try different colors and calls to action. Tweak until you reach your sweet spot!

3. Use a Professional – Web design fort lauderdale is full of people promising cheap websites and trying to make a fast buck. Using a professional web design team, especially one that is local, will ensure a better result and a more strategic design. If your website isn’t delivering the ROI you had hoped for, it is time to make a change!

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Importance of TaglinesTaglines, when done well, are an important tool in your branding strategy. While they may not be completely necessary for every brand and every business, if you are considering the use of a tagline, here is a little bit of information about what they do for your marketing:

– A good tagline communicates your brand promise is a catchy, memorable way
– Taglines remind you, and the rest of your staff, of what your brand represents and creates accountability
– They give potential customers an indicator of what kind of experience they can expect when dealing with your company

Unless you have a really good tagline, don’t use one at all. A good tagline is a lot more than just being clever with words. It is as personal as a signature and should, in seven words or less, communicate a clear message of your brand.

The importance of taglines should not be overlooked when you are planning your brand strategy, but you should keep in mind that MANY successful brands do not use one at all! If you are exploring the use of a tagline for your business, run your ideas by us – We’d be glad to discuss it over coffee and tell you what we think 🙂

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Fort Lauderdale Web DesignMethods to Consider in Web Design

Everybody who is considering having their own website will definitely wants to have a good web design that stands out. Unique identity is needed in an ever growing internet community. There is more to a site being designed pretty or pleasant to look at to make it good. You should also consider some factors that will overall enhance the design that you have.

Although often overlooked, the domain name is very important. It can actually make or break your entire project depending on how to choose one. It has to be short and catchy enough. In other words it must have high recall value, and easy to remember.

For some of us that may want to make use of our websites for purposes of furthering our affiliate profits, this next piece of advice might not be so palatable. You must limit your advertisements. Try to use at the most two to three outside links or advertisements if you have to. Keep the focus of the reader on your site and not on the banners and side panels.

Designing it for your target audience is a key to a successful design. For instance, if your target audiences are children, you will not want to put drab and dead colors. Just like you wouldn’t use very loud colors for a more conservative target market. Do your market research on what kind of page elements to use for certain audiences. Also remember to update or revise the theme once in a while to keep the audience interests up.

Minimal graphics is also suggested in coming up with a design as this will help less eye strain on the part of the reader. You want the message sent out to be short and sweet and not too reliant on pictures. Also lesser graphics will enhance another needed component which is faster load times.

Fast load times are needed in the internet today due to one common attribute of many internet surfers. This common attribute is called attention span. Many if not all people have very short attention spans and if your site is designed that it will not load fast enough, then you can lose a potential visitor and client. They will just simply click onto another address if yours even takes more than ten seconds to load.

A standard for any great site is having a site map and even internal search engine capabilities. However, the site map is probably the most important. Search engines that need to rank and quantify their results use the site map. So having a good site map will be to your advantage in getting higher ranked hits.

Thus we have covered some important aspects of what to include in your design ideas. Although it is not limited alone to these concepts discussed in this article, they can be considered as critical and should not be left out. Always include the items just discussed above in your next design endeavor.

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Web Design company

A Credible Web Design Company For Business Success

When it comes to marketing a person’s company, thinking just like a client can help a particular individual achieve his online businesses. Determining on wise tactics and placing efforts in marketing an internet business it makes it simpler for an internet business to pull in customers. Understand that it isn’t  enough to produce a site alone to become happy in your business. An amazing Website positioning or Search engine optimization, a highly effective website hosting as well as great strategy can easily make a website an excellent tool to have the ability to accomplish business success.

You will find lots of achievements of economic proprietors have become effective using their home based business consequently of internet marketing and advertising. This really is due to the aid of professional designers as well as web Design Company to trade items with the aid of professional site.

Advertising online supplies a larger scope in comparison to paper along with other standard various kinds of advertising. Advertising your corporation over the internet can permit your company to achieve any audience midway around the world that has access to a computer. Selling advertisements on the internet is without limits regarding to its scope of coverage.

From within your home, when you search for any desired subject you just have to type in the words and you will be presented with a list of choices and there might be just the one you need. For example you might like to use a graphic designer, just type the keyword website designer and you’ll certainly yield many designer and style companies coming from all the around the world. You even narrow the search to finding designers in your area. For Instance typing in Web Designer Fort Lauderdale. Search results will give you design companies in that area.

Nowadays, using a designer has grown to become fundamental per business. This is exactly why it is important that you select one, because the businessman who engages a reliable designer or web design company for help has a professional website for use to promote the business.

Consider several excellent pointers to obtain a trustworthy designer or design company to use for your business: First, make certain you go searching for the one that provides quality at a decent pay rate. Simply search, assess their rates and furthermore the sites they have produced for other companies. Generally, there is an internet site they own designed with their site portfolio. Simply consider the portfolio inside their work and exercise having your basis in choosing the right website designer. An example inside their work will help you to work out how creative and proficient they are. Client’s recommendations are awesome basis with regards in obtaining a reliable designer. So, consider the clients’ feedback, comments and recommendations because this will aid you prevent hiring a web design businesses that has received unfavorable feedback from clients. Just like employing any personnel for use on your business, going through the web design service or Design Company’s background is actually important. When you are conscious about the historic past inside their company or their background it will likely be simpler to see whether it’s good to go through with the service they provide. Explore the help they have. With regards to getting a web design company you should take a look at what other web services its offering like website hosting, Search engine optimization and marketing since these are certainly crucial in advertising the web site as well as bringing in more clients visiting your site.

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You know that you need an awesome landing page to encourage your website’s visitors to take a certain action but maybe you don’t know what that entails. Here are a few tips from tried and true experience to help you plan the perfect landing page:

– You need an attractive headline at the top of your landing page.

– You need a stellar secondary headline and some really excellent copy which provides the extra details. Your ad text should always have impeccable grammar.

– Your landing page should have at least 2 strong calls to action. At least one of the calls to action should be a well designed “button” or something that stands out.

– Use trust factors to make someone feel comfortable taking the action. Testimonials work well for this purpose.

– Use professional images or videos that are relevant to the content on the page. Don’t use the same stock images you see on other websites.

– Use links sparingly! They tend to distract the visitor, so keep it simple.

– Keep all of the important things you want your visitors to see “above the fold” on your landing page.

– Test, test, test – If possible, do more than one landing page so you can see what works better. Tweak it until it is perfectly tuned to your target audience.

There you have it. If you’re still not inspired to build an awesome landing page, talk to one of us marketing geeks here at BMGcreative and we’d be more than happy to put one together for you.

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Does Your Website Need eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions?

In case your site needs eCommerce shopping cart solutions, using BMGcreative, a web design Fort Lauderdale company, will ensure that you have a reliable, robust online store. Not all web designers have experience in building professional e-Commerce websites, which means going with the cheapest company may not always be your best bet. At best, you’ll end up with a plug-in or theme that will break at some point when there is a browser update or a new version of your Content Management System is released.

Our team ensures your customers will have a great user experience with ease of ordering, as well as the proper safety measures to ensure their payment information is kept secure. BMGcreative has the expertise to design and create customized product pages that are simple to use and that integrate well with the look of your existing website. Shopping online is essential to compete in today’s global marketplace; even if you are a small company that works from out of your garage – no one has to know because as we like to tell our clients “Never Look Small”!

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social media marketing for beginners

Social Media Marketing

So many businesses want to get involved in Social Media Marketing. They see their customers and target audience are using all kinds of social networking platforms to communicate with each other….with the companies they like….and maybe even their competitors. If you are not an avid user of social networking and you want know what comes next after signing up, here are a few helpful tips:

Social Media Marketing for Beginners 101

– Once you set up your Business Page, get the vanity URL for your company name if it is available. For example, if your company  name is Flower Shop and your website is – you will want If your particular business name is not available, choose something as close as possible. This is important for branding purposes.

– Use professional images. Nothing says a customer shouldn’t take you seriously like bad or poor quality images. Invest in your business and NEVER LOOK SMALL. Get high quality stock images that are relevant to your industry if you plan on using images on your profile. Use the right size images for your logo as well and be professional in all that you do online. Always put your best foot forward.

–  Add value to any social networking communities you will be participating in. People get very annoyed if all you are trying to do is sell, sell, sell. Social media marketing is not about being self-serving, it is about building relationships.

– Create great content. Social media marketing is the perfect opportunity to distribute timely, relevant content for your followers. It could be from your blog or other articles you’ve written and posted online or it could be a great video you’ve made. Even after the latest Google Penguin updates, Content is still King.

– Get comfortable with one social networking website before you jump into any others. Learn your way around, see what works and doesn’t work and once you have established some loyal followers who are engaged in your brand, you can choose to do more on another site. This way, you do not over extend yourself and get frustrated & give up before you’ve really had a chance to get in your groove.

– Track everything! Use the analytics tools that are available to you to find out where your successes came from.

We love to see businesses succeed in their marketing efforts! There are many channels available for social media marketing for beginners – it’s just a matter of taking the first step.

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