Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonials make us very excited about our work! Here’s one from the YMCA of Broward County.

“Thanks to Grif and BMGcreative the YMCA of Broward County launched its web site with much success. The branding, marketing and selling components where integrated strategically across all channels of communication. Facebook and Twitter where launched with direction and education from Grif and his team. His team was always there to assist with changes to the website, creative input and education on how to increase traffic, our reach, and branding. A website needs impeccable design since it is the window into your business and BMGcreative met our challenge.”

Judi Erickson
Director of marketing



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Advertising Market Strategies In years past, it would have been difficult to imagine a company not doing all their work themselves, including their marketing ventures. Bu, the fact remains that in today’s economic situation, if one company decides to do all the work themselves, then the company will likely not be sustainable at all. Certain work is best left to experts and that is precisely the reason why there is advertising agency pole.

What are advertising marketing companies?

There has been confusion surrounding work that is done by advertising marketing companies, but when you think about it, it is pretty straightforward. Think of advertising marketing companies as a car. Whilst strictly a branding company would provide you with the general design of the car, advertising marketing companies give you much more – you get all the parts you need to get where you want to go. After all, you can only get so far with just the basic layout and design.

By definition, advertising marketing companies are in a service business that is dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising (and sometimes other forms of promotion) for its clients. The main aim of any advertising marketing company is to ensure that the client and their products are visible to the general public with the aid of advertisements.

Need for Advertising Marketing Companies

In this rapidly changing environment, there is a need for advertising marketing companies to be publicized and to improve their advertisement so as to ensure that they are always on the minds of their consumers. It all comes down to the fact that even a small change of words makes a huge difference. The process of changing those few words or making little tweaks to the layout is what makes the advertisement spectacular. Although it might sound simple enough, words can be deceiving, and those few words and much-needed tweaks, along with the graphical or the designing part, require experts who know what they are doing. This is where an advertising marketing company comes in.

Making of an Advertisement

An advertisement is made only with the cooperation of all the departments that form an advertising marketing company. The idea of the ad is complete only after the client servicing executives have briefed the creative department as to what the client wants. The overall briefing that is given by the client is the key to the making of advertisements. As a rule of thumb, an advertising marketing company cannot go against the client’s wishes but can always suggest better ways to boost the promotional aspect.

Even if the product is very mundane, prior market research has to done, in order to ascertain who the competitors are and how they promote their product. Once all that is done the promos and ads have to be such that they speak of something different.

The client servicing executives of an advertising marketing company act as coordinators between the client and the creative section, while the marketing executives fix up the budget. The client agrees with the deal and then the process of creating an ad is initiated.

The Layout, Designing and Finally Hitting the Market

Once all the steps are in place, the creative team undertakes a brainstorming session to look into various aspects of the brand and the product. Once an idea is cleared, a lot of factors such as an advertisement’s reach and effectiveness are examined. Once an advertising marketing company has decided that a particular ad fits the bill and effectively reaches the target audience, they move on to the next step. The next step involves choosing the particular medium in which the ad is going to appear. This is very important due to the fact that some ads work well in certain mediums and not so well in others.

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Budgeting For a Web DesignerThe cost of a web designer is not predictable. It varies from one expert to another. There are various factors that can affect the price such as the size of the website as well as the kind of features that one wants in the site. One has a choice to get a web designer on a one on one basis or have it done online or through the phone.

One of the things that you should never overlook is the cost. Initially, you want to have a good budget that outlines your costs. It has to be limited to a certain amount. This will make it possible for you to determine the kind of a designer to work with. You should interview them effectively to get the relevant information out of them.

1. You should try to understand how passionate they are about their jobs. There are some people who do their jobs just for the sake of the money but they do not care much about it as a business organization. The web designer should have interest to learn and comprehend how your company operates. This way, the website that will be created can meet your needs. You have to ask them for their past work. They should also give your referees. A good designer can come up with a style that you will like. If there is no creativity, then you will not be spending your money for the right cause.

2.You should ask for their qualifications. Some of them cannot do anything else apart from web design. If the person is a good at this, then you can decide to hire a programmer separately. You have to pay attention to the details. This person should be averse with the work at hand. As the client, you should be taken through the web creation step by step. This will help you to understand what you are paying for. You can determine whether the money is going to the right cause or not. The options presented to you should be explained in a simple language. The terms used by web designers are too technical for ordinary persons.

3.You should ask the web designer about any added values that you can learn from the process. The person should know what you can do to make the website better. It has to be a website that will meet the objectives that you have made. The beauty or any graphics that are placed on the website should go in line with the company’s line of business. If you require a formal site, the designer should get you exactly that. You should be able to tell a good price for web designer it has to be within the rates that are offered in the market. To be sure about it, get quotes from a few web designers.

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