Brand Message and Brand Strategy

Brand StrategyWhen building a brand, an important detail often overlooked is maintaining branding consistency. Having a consistent design, color and message in all of your marketing materials is critical to the success of any branding initiative. From your company’s website to your employee business cards, having a consistent look and feel will help your customers better recognize your business. When looking at all of your marketing materials, they should visually appear as if they were all made by the same designer from the same company.

Over time, your target audience will begin to associate your brand’s message and appearance with your organization, which leads to brand recognition and even brand loyalty. If you change the colors and designs of your brand too often, you risk reflecting unpredictability and disorganization to your customers, in addition to losing brand awareness. Your brand can certainly evolve over time as it builds a better reputation and stronger consumer base. However, a brand strategy that uses a consistent message and visual design should remain the foundation of how your company is recognized. Entrepreneur Magazine shares some secrets of successful brands, some of those being Ted, Pinterest, and Tito’s Vodka.

Getting Off to a Good Start

When starting a new business, it is important for your identity to be consistent. This includes your company logo, typeface, colors and overall graphic style. Your brand’s identity is the key element customers will associate with when they hear or see your company’s name.

The main objective in any brand strategy is to create recognition. Think of the brands you interact with on a regular basis. Does the Nike logo ever look different? Does the mailer you receive from your insurance company always include your agent’s contact information? These are good examples of successful brands maintaining consistency when designing their marketing materials. The company logo, contact information, tagline or slogan and primary graphic elements are among the features that should always be included for a consistent brand messaging and reinforcement.

Don’t Forget About Online

Corporate identity is not only associated with printed materials like brochures and promotional items. Consistency in your branding needs to be carried over into the design of your company’s website properties and social media communities. Whether or not you are an internet business, your website serves as the online storefront for your business and supports your overall brand identity.
By maintaining consistency in online branding using the same design, images, themes and content as your offline efforts, you will build a strong brand identity and recognition for your company, reinforcing a sense of reliability to build brand loyalty with your consumers.

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