Brochures and Flyers in Fort Lauderdale

A flyer is a cost-effective marketing piece that is utilized to provide a small amount of information and for a limited time. A standard flyer is one piece of paper with 81/2 x 11 dimensions. While you are able to print on both sides of the flyer, most often, only one side of the flyer is printed on since it typically is pinned to a board or handed out as a leaflet or “throw-away”.

Common uses for flyers:

  • Events such as concerts, club openings, or live bands at restaurants
  • Flash sales for retail solicitors
  • Fact sheets at trade shows or conferences


When you need to provide more information than a flyer and have the intention of the receiver keeping the marketing material, brochures are typically used. Brochures can come in all different sizes but generally fall into two layout categories, trifolds and bifold. Brochures cost more than flyers due to the complexity of content layout since each panel acts as it’s own page and due to the use of higher-end paper to withstand the folds.

Common uses for Brochures:

  • Take-away sales collateral at trade shows
  • Displayed in racks in public settings such as a doctor’s office, hotels and cashier check-outs
  • Business promotional use for consumers to take and share with friends

Flyer/Brochure Printing
We have the ability to print high quality in-house digital media that is fast and cost effective so you can put custom material in front of your potential investors and clients that distinguishes you in the field.

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