If you are running a small business of any kind, then you might be wondering whether or not you actually need to utilize internet marketing for small business. The answer can be somewhat complicated, and it really depends on what type of business you have established. For example if you have established a fruit stand and have no plans to expand, then you might not need to use internet marketing other than a listing on Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Places for Business so that you can be found locally. If you plan to market to the entire world however, and if you really want to go places and be found by a larger target audience, then it’s time to look into SEO companies and other online marketing opportunities.


internet-marketing-for-small-businessSEO companies, Fort Lauderdale based like BMGcreative or otherwise, are designed to help you gain more exposure in the search engines, ensuring that the most highly searched keywords actually lead to your website. To accomplish this, you will have to learn which keywords are indeed the most popular and have them sprinkled throughout your site and combine them with an SEO strategy that includes high quality content, reputable link building and social engagement to your target audience. As a business owner, you need to work with a company that has expertise with search engine optimization and internet marketing for small business to help you convert the traffic you receive on your site into real customers.

Other forms of internet marketing will of course extend to social media, along with various e-mail campaigns that you might launch. You should be committed to a consistent brand marketing strategy across multiple channels, but you will find that internet marketing for small business is the best way to get your name out there and engage new clients to interact with your business. BMGcreative can work with your business side by side to leverage your brand and spread the word about your company. You might be operating on a small budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Whether you have $500 or $5,000 a month, we can help make the best use of your marketing dollars to make every lead count.

Internet marketing for small business is an affordable way to get started, and we’d love to see how we can work with you to accomplish your goals for growth in the second half of 2013. Contact us to get started.

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seo copywriting

seo copywriting

An “About Us” page is one of the few constants of an organization’s website.  Businesses have grown their sites to present a unique and dynamic first impression to customers with look and feel, content and interactions.  One thing that seems to fall short or not “pop out” to people is the About Us sections.

Regardless of the company’s size or industry, most About Us pages have an impersonal and vanilla feel for content that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else on the site.  Most About Us pages are a staple in websites located in the main navigation bar that states information about the companies vision, mission, leadership, news, location, and general contact information.  About Us sections are typically overloaded with miscellaneous content, this can make it harder for users to identify what is important.

Another challenge is that most About Us pages are heavy with business or internal languages that your customers don’t even speak.  When your customers or potential customers visit this page they might read the first sentence and then call it quits.  So, how you can you re-define and give some sizzle your About Us page?

Start off by adopting a different label.  Use titles like “Who We Are, What We Do, Where We Work”; defining yourself like this makes it more interesting and less generic. Use the technique of SEO Copywriting to optimize your About Us page and tailor it to your companies keywords and identity.  Company websites are more sprinkled with information about the brand, so sometimes the idea of an About Us page can seem somewhat unnecessary.  An entire section may not be needed to “define you” when your entire website is about you but many people still see it as a staple page for information.

Try a different approach when writing your content, think about every page as an opportunity to define your brand.  That is what your website is for right?  If you do choose to write an About Us page consider using professional SEO Copywriting Services, or change the titles and write on a more conversational level.  Be personable and connect with your customers, and remember that you want this page to stand out and not be your typical About Us jargon.  Think beyond the copy and make it interesting to draw visitors in with either pictures or videos.  It is all about your company and culture, so don’t let your visitors slip away with something they won’t remember.

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Avoid SEO ScamsGetting a real SEO marketing expert or company on your side can seem like an uphill battle when so many out there are advertising like crazy, telemarketing and soliciting every business they can possibly reach to tell them that their website is not being found on Google. No business owner wants to feel like they are missing leads or that the website they worked so hard on or paid so much for isn’t doing them any good. When it comes to determining the professionals from the SEO scammers, sometimes the difference between the two isn’t always immediately clear.

We want to help you avoid SEO scams – before you hand over your hard earned money in hopes of landing on that coveted Page 1 of Google as they so miraculously promise. Here are some things to look out for:

If the visitors to your website are coming from Google AdWords – or other paid search programs, that is not SEO. There are even some very shady companies out there with coders who can make it look like the visitors you have coming to your website from AdWords are actually coming in organically from the search result pages for your keywords.

If a company keeps pushing you to pay for social media marketing on top of the SEO plan, look out. Posting to blogs, updating Twitter, and interacting on Facebook does not always give your website a boost in SEO or rankings. Unless you are fully married to the long term effort it takes to build a presence online with social media and continuously providing new content and responding to & engaging your followers, someone’s advice on entering the social media marketing space could actually do more harm than good when it comes to your website rankings.

Also watch out for the new SEO provider on the block. There are more than a few SEO companies who take your money & run, disappearing after only a few months in to an annual agreement. Always make sure your SEO consultant is well established and has the credentials to back up their price. You want to deal with a company that will do the work and make good on what they agreed to do for your website.

Take a lesson from others who have been duped by SEO scams! Work with real professionals if you want results.

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fort lauderdale web designMaybe you have considered employing an online marketing company to be able to market your business or perhaps your website? Most of the firms that conduct their business on the web have a superior chance of failure. Many of them neglect to thrive due to the possible lack of understanding of what products and services they offer as well as their lack of visibility to potential customers. Well, this is exactly what an online marketing company offers your company: the ability to be found and understanding to make certain your organization will be effective online.

The internet is something that changes constantly. BMGcreative, a Fort Lauderdale online marketing and web design company, has offers that provide you with the capability to make changes as adjustments occur. The Internet is really a venue like every other marketing site and the way to succeed would be to achieve your audience. To be able to obtain a clearer picture you’ll have to picture every magazine and newspaper ever created inside a large pile. Can you, like a vehicle tuning small firm, promote your services?

A few of the cases need you to possess a global audience like a target, however the research level regionally, across the country and in your area is vital, which means you will not be wasting any time focusing on traffic from sources that won’t become your paying clients. This area is precisely where you’ll be requiring the aid of the experts’ team, beginning from building your site, doing research around the places where you’ll be marketing best, after that promotion, in the most efficient way, of the website. You will in all probability be finding offers of quick fixes, for your web business improvement, however you will find no fixes inside a magic formula on the web and anybody who is promising you that’s not honest.

Regrettably, enlightenment is not available in a totally free mode it comes down through either experience or having to pay for other peoples encounters. You must have understanding and abilities to be able to achieve the success in almost any business which applies to the internet companies too. That’s why we being an online marketing company might help your offline business being a web-based one, in order to help your non lucrative website become lucrative. We take the time to investigate the area your firm does business in, to be able to produce content we’ll search the trends to be able to attract site visitors which will most likely become paying clients.

The help our online marketing experts provide to out clients includes researching the key phrases, building the website up to a professional level and also the building credible links to help increase visibility in search engines. Please don’t hesitate to make contact with us! We want to help your company with an online marketing strategy that is in line with your goals

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Search Engine Marketing CompanyOptimizing your website for the major search engines like Google is really a necessity. And every internet search engine has its very own algorithm and rules to follow along with, making the job rather challenging. Choosing a good internet search engine marketing company to assist you to boost your web business is hard. However, make certain that our internet search engine marketing company includes a status on the market otherwise you might finish up wasting a lot of your money and time. Before choosing an internet search engine marketing company, you have to identify your requirements and goals, which support the search engine optimization firm to know your expectation and frame an appropriate online marketing strategy for you personally.

The requirements may vary from business-to-business. Although some are searching for branding, others might be thinking about simple search engine optimization for enhancing search ratings. However, the best goal for just about any business is a great return on investment. Therefore, the first task is to determine which return on investment you’re expecting out of your internet search engine marketing company. To have an e-commerce site or sites that provide items (not always an e-commerce site), one should determine the need for each lead coming with the search engine optimization efforts to appraise the return on investment. Similarly, sites which have most of the leads coming through someone calling, the aim is going to be a rise in the site’s traffic relevancy. Within this situation, one should discover the need for each click originating from their search engine optimization efforts and the amount of total clicks monthly to appraise the Return on investment using their internet search engine marketing company. However, it’s not feasible for any internet search engine marketing company to supply results overnight. Thus, it’s suggested to judge year-over-year increases to look for the return on investment from search engine optimization efforts.

Your internet search engine marketing company should have the ability to provide personalized services, according to your needs. Search engine optimization includes numerous online practices including market and keyword research and analysis, site or web pages structure optimization, backlink building, manual directory submission, article distribution, and content strategy and duplicate-writing. All these tasks have unique challenges and never always needed by all websites. For instance, the needs of the recently released website will vary from what high-quality site that lack visible text and have technical challenges.

A great internet search engine marketing company will invariably blend traditional marketing practices using the latest trends to create your online marketing strategy effective. Though social networking marketing and content distribution is attaining more recognition nowadays, it’s impossible to eliminate the significance of manual directory submission or any other traditional backlink building processes. Actually, manual directory submission plays a substantial role in building quality one-way links. This, consequently, works well for enhancing search ratings too as with getting specific site visitors. The benefits of manual directory submission are manifold. You are able to directly tap your specific audience, as manual directory submission includes posting the website within the specific category where it’s most appropriate. Manual directory submission is among the best ways to achieve quality backlinks. Make certain your internet search engine marketing company tests and reviews you concerning the Internet Search Engine Friendliness from the sites where they’ve posted your website by hand.

Finally, it is crucial that the internet search engine marketing company maintain transparency while educating you along the way. This can also enable you to know how the internet search engine marketing company works and it’ll become simpler to get recommendations carried out to push the general internet marketing program forward.

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Video has moved into the IT spotlight on the web and people are looking for more creative ways to distribute video and to get more viewers to interact with their video content.  It is important to find good choices for online video solutions so you can choose one that works as a one-size-fits-all for all of  your video content.  This is no different than choosing any other enterprise system for your organization – and it shouldn’t be a difficult process.

To start off it is important to decide on a comprehensive set of requirements ahead of time before reviewing available platforms and signing a contract.  One big factor in deciding your online video solution is  knowing who is producing videos and who is viewing them.  This may seem simple at first, but when  you looking into it you will see that  you may only want a target audience of viewers to upload and/or view your video content.  So, it is important to have a clear view of which online video platform will be capable of certain features.

Another good idea to think of when developing your video content strategy is to gather inventory of your codecs and file formats: which is  Windows Media, Quick-Time, or Real Video.  This will help the categories of who will be producing the media.  While gathering this data also be aware of archives of legacy videos that are still in use.  Once all or as many as you can get are accounted for you can determine if they should be managed in your new platform.  These are just some of the most important factors to think of when planning your video content strategy and choosing an online video platform.

One of the best online video solutions that our clients have found effective is Vimeo Pro. Certainly there are others worth checking out!

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Not all Fort Lauderdale web design companies operate in the same way, but you will find these tips helpful to ensure a smooth website design process. In the end, if you need to showcase your business on the internet, you’ll need an appropriately designed website just to keep up with your competitors. Internet business is not going away – and it might be tragic if your current (poorly designed) website kept you from gaining new clients or sales.  These are some things you should know before working with Fort Lauderdale website design companies.

Much like in anything, you wouldn’t like to employ a Fort Lauderdale web site design team without getting a basic idea of how the web design process works. This means that you will need to spend a while on the internet and do your homework. For example, you will need to under the variations from a hosting company, a graphic designer along with a domain title. Your conversations goes softer together with your web design service should you comprehend the fundamental lingo.

Know Very Well What You Want

Even before you consider calling any Fort Lauderdale website design companies, you ought to have an excellent concept of that which you do and that which you don’t want – for your internet website design. The simplest method of doing this really is to invest a while of your time on the web searching and coming up with ideas from various sites. You’ll rapidly start to observe that a number of them attract your senses, yet others just make you need to click off. Make a listing from the colors, styles, fonts and graphics that you want so that you can effectively inform your website designer what you would like your website to look like.

Be Vocal

After you have given your website designer an idea of your likes and needs for your site, you will get a mock up for you to personally see and review. You’ll have the ability to suggest changes, or maybe you just can’t stand anything about this particular design. You can request another design concept. It’s imperative that you be truthful together with your web design service at this time and let them know your feelings concerning the mock-up. The designer really wants to produce the perfect website for the business, but can’t achieve this without honest input from you, the client.

Do Your Part

You will find some things that you will need to do to be able to set up your website, and it is important that you communicate well with your For Lauderdale web design team. For example, if you are responsible for the written content for your website, you’ll either need to create it yourself, or employ a professional for SEO Copywriting services  to get it done for you. This can often be done directly through your web design company. Just understand that either way, this task does take time. So that you can stay on schedule with your web design firm, make certain that you have all your responsibilities finished when requested to ensure that your website will go get finished and launched without any delays.

It’s exciting to get a brand new web design in Fort Lauderdale. Web site designers could be of great assistance in achieving creativeness, professionalism, reliability, and core functionality for your website. Give consideration on these tips above to guarantee the most effective outcome.


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