Webstite Design For New Businesses
New businesses are creating an online presence for their company on a daily basis, collectively launching thousands of new business websites. These businesses are all vying for online attention, each using various marketing tools to draw traffic to their sites. According to an October 2014 web survey hosted by Netcraft, there were over 1 billion websites online, with new sites constantly being added daily. With so many businesses promoting and marketing their websites, it’s imperative for any new business to stand out from its competition. Before addressing the digital marketing needs of the company with issues such as fresh SEO content and fast page loads, the website first needs to fulfil its initial job of clearly communicating what the business is and how it is relevant or provides value to its target audience.

Create a Functional Design

The foundation for any thriving online business begins with a thorough, comprehensive website design. Of course, the site should be appealing and attract visitors, but it should also be functional and easy to navigate. And because all businesses grow and develop at different speeds, a business’ website needs the flexibility to do the same so as not to lose traffic or customers over time. This is why quality website design and setup should be a priority for any new business.

Research studies report that over 94 percent of online users cite poor website design as the main reason they distrust certain brands. The goal of any new business is to gain traffic and convert potential customers; therefore, it is imperative that the site is strategically developed, highly functional and customized to the intricacies of the individual business’ consumer needs.

Avoid Templates

Businesses that are just starting out often go the route of using website template designs in an attempt to offset startup expenses and accelerate the site’s launch. While this may seemingly work at the outset, this route could easily interrupt web sales, damage brand reputation and possibly increase the business’ future web design costs.

Website templates are generally cookie cutter programs designed as “one size fits all” and offer very little (if any) customization built into their programs. Website design is an integral part of a business and is not an area where using template themes or designs and generic plugins are advised. These non-customized tools are built for the masses and are more susceptible to viruses and targeted hacks that can harm network systems and interrupt business operations.

Existing templates, widgets and plugins can also become more costly and cumbersome to work with because of the need to constantly keep them updated and current as continuing developments take place. Also, if your site uses plugins or widgets that become discontinued, your new business website can suffer with unpredictable downtime, links or pages that become inoperable, not to mention traffic loss to the site as a result.

Customize for Growth

Businesses should build their web presence based on their desired status rather than their current state. This means customizing the site, its pages and content using the business plan and projected growth figures as a guide. It should also allow you, the website owner, the ability to make minimal changes as required while your business grows and develops over time. To achieve these fine points, it’s important to define a strategic blueprint for your business’ web design and online strategy, employing customizable and scalable solutions in lieu of website templates and one-size-fits-all programs.

In conclusion, a custom built website for your new business is the most cost-effective solution, saving both time and money in the long run. Custom web design will enable the site to easily scale as the new business grows and expands its product and service offering. Creating a unique brand presence online over a template used by thousands, assists with differentiating your brand from competitors and gives your new business the appearance of big brand appeal and credibility.

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Behind the Scenes
Web design and development is an art and a science. The art comes into play of course on the areas of the site that you can see and that are part of the overall look and feel of the site.

While search engine algorithms have changed dramatically over the years and can see and interpret a great deal, they are still limited in the way in which they crawl over the site and the data that it contains.

Your website doesn’t look the same to the search engine as it does to you. While the mantra lately is that it must be a good experience for the user and that the only thing that counts is the user experience, believe us when we tell you that isn’t the case at all. Web design and development requires a level of skill in algorithms and in proper coding methodology in order to ensure that the search engines can see what they need to see to allow your site to be crawled by search engines fully.

One perfect example in point is this– a website that was one of the top wiki websites online was having a lot of trouble ranking in Google. A well rounded site designer, who also did SEO, reviewed the site and used a spider simulator on it. He and found that the code was incorrectly executed and that the search engines could not read the header information on any of the pages, although they displayed correctly to the user. In this case the user experience was a good one, but the website could not get their pages well crawled or showing in search because of a code error.

The website design that you use must be well structured and reasonably well coded without errors. It’s an invisible portion of the site that has to be right in order to ensure that what the human visitor sees is pleasing to the eye and directs them to the places that are important. That same website design however, must also send the search engines to the right areas. The code, the alt tags, the descriptions must all be in order so that the search engines can see what is most important about the site. Both elements are a necessity for the site to be crawled and ranked for the website owner.

Another unseen element of website design are the alt tags. Using images without alt text can be a problem for the search engines too, in that they cannot read what the picture is. This means that the great photo or diagram that you have on your page is invisible in search.

Many websites have real problems with being seen. The content isn’t really indexed and the writing isn’t really designed for the search engines to peruse. A good example is a whole front page done in flash. It looks lovely in many cases, but it’s not readable or usable by the search engines. This means that your lovely site and all of your beautiful sales content isn’t going to be visible to the search engines or able to rank well.

A great coding job, careful attention to details, the right alt text and the right image labeling can make your site far more visible in search, yet it is not part of the visible content of the site. When it comes to website design and development, what you don’t see is often far more important than that which you do see.

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BMGcreative is company that is one part search engine marketing and one part branding. That mix makes us a bunch of creative analytical geeks who drink a lot of coffee.

It’s great to have your website rank on the top of the search engines but if your brand is not professional and memorable then you will be quickly forgotten. They will simply click and then you’re gone.

If your logo or web design is not memorable, not professional and doesn’t instill confidence your potential customer clicking from your top ranking page on search engines will just bounce away.

Once they’ve found your page, what keeps you fresh in the minds of your prospective customers? When your business branding has a professional edge and creativity your perspective customers will remember you and seek you out for business.

Creating a design that is uniquely your own brand takes some time and usually requires the input of custom logo design specialists who can work with you to determine how you want to portray your business.

Each facet of your company is symbolic to you. Our graphic designers in Fort Lauderdale can help you to nail down the perfect design that will showcase your company and help your name stand out.

When you make a long lasting impression on someone, it is usually because of your branding. Custom logos designed by one of our expert graphic designers in Fort Lauderdale verses an amateur designer will make a statement about who you are and what you have to offer. Your vision and your mission will be captured in a clever logo design that can brand your company and tell the world what you’ve been doing.

Our staff can guide you through the logo creation process to help you to arrive at a look that you can love and get excited about. Our logo design process has been refined for over 20 years and has become an art form.

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Ways to Evaluate Your Web Agency

Since your web agency is going to be responsible for your long term success, it is critical to select and agency that provides exceptional results. To be certain you get real results to propel your website to the next level, you need to keep some important things in mind. Since they will handle everything from your SEO to consulting with you, you can’t risk your reputation with subpar results.

When you look at the web agency, it is important they don’t utilize the same formula for everyone they work with. Every company online has their own unique situation and their needs are based on their particular situation. The web agency should take the time to create a comprehensive strategy to provide actual value to your company rather than doing cookie cutter tactics that may only have a minimal impact.

Another critical area look for in your web agency should be key performance indicators, which help to better maintain the success and work towards the goals you set. Working closely with you, they should identify what metrics will be used to help determine the amount of success you have and on a routine basis, they should provide you with a report to give you an assessment of improvement and let you know the techniques that helped to achieve these results.

You should take a moment to also review their website. Pay attention to their top keywords and see where they rank and the layout of their page. If you notice they are struggling and not actually getting the results they have promised you, it might be a good idea to proceed with caution. After all, these are the people you would be entrusting with your own success.

You should even challenge the information they are providing you. Before you sign with the company, ask for proven results and websites they have done business with. Many shady companies will claim to have thousands of results only to have a mediocre track record and by the time you have figured it out, it may have already cost you thousands.

Find out what tools they will be using for your campaign. Most companies utilize some types of tools that will allow them to better optimize your website, track results and to better automate things. While it is fine if they are using tools, it is a good idea to see what they will be using, especially if they plan to install anything on your website. You don’t want any surprises later on.

Above all, it pays to trust your instincts. Watch for areas of concern, such as misspelled words and broken links. If something doesn’t add up, ask them to clarify it or point out the concern. If they sidestep it or become aggressive, just walk away from the situation and find a different company.

Ultimately, your online success is up to you. Make sure you take the time to evaluate any web agency you plan on using, keeping the above tips in mind. That way, you have a better chance of being successful when dealing with them and you should then run into fewer concerns when transforming your website.

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Websites are the first thing that people see of our business in most cases. Unless they’ve come directly to your physical location, the website will be their first glimpse of your company. You want to make a good impression of course. What people see of your site makes them determine whether or not they want to come to your store. They judge you quite often on the site that you have reflecting your business as a whole.website design

In most cases, people base what they think of you and your site on the current trends in website design and in whether or not you’re keeping up with current trends. A reasonably modern site that hasn’t gone years without an update is going to make a good impression on your visitor.

What are the current web design trends that we’re seeing in 2013?

One of the most common is responsive design. While responsive design is not a necessity, it is something that can be helpful for several reasons. Today more than a third of the world is using the internet at some point during the day from a mobile device. Having a responsive design for your website allows it to be viewed and to look relatively good on any kind of device – from a pc to a laptop to any tablet or smart phone. That means that only one design is necessary for your website and the world sees you no matter what device they are using.

Most companies want a website that only needs to be done one time and doesn’t have to switch to a totally different mobile site in order to make it visible on tablets and smartphones. These responsive sites are selling well, are working well, and are converting well for businesses around the globe.

If you want a great website with a responsive design, BMGcreative is here to serve. Give us a call or contact us online to get started.

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Creative Agencies in Fort LauderdaleWhether you really want to develop a creative brand design or want to fully execute a strategic re-branding campaign for your business, there’s enough reason to use the professional services of creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale if you do not have an in-house creative team. While looking for these agencies you might run into various self employed, small local agencies, larger digital marketing agencies with national offices and even some multinational advertising agencies. So, how would you select the best one for your business?

It is almost always difficult for a business owner to change perception and think about the entire picture. He or she may know plenty about getting new business card printing for the company employees, but what ought to be the final design or what about the logo design? Let’s say the organization does not have an in-house design department. If this is the case with you, as it is for many small businesses, it is certainly advisable to select one of the professional creative agencies in your area to accomplish the project. This could save considerable time and money.

There is a lot to be considered before producing a great brand. The final colors, fonts, and message is portrayed is very important, as you ultimately want it to grab the interest of your target audience. Each one of these things could be better handled with a creative agency than trying to do it on your own. You will think of more questions along the way, and any of the professional creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale you choose to work with will help you clarify what is needed to be successful. Here at BMGcreative, we sit down with our clients and ask many questions about the company, culture, products or services and what they want their image to portray. We help our clients to “Never Look Small”. Regardless of how small your needs are, whether it is simply a business card, it is wise to be strategic.

Whenever you employ a creative agency to produce your logo design or help you with your marketing strategy, you’re going to get what you pay for. Your decision in choosing to work with one of the creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale should not be based solely on price. Hire a company with a solid reputation that makes you feel like a valued client, regardless of what you are spending.

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good website designThe best way to evaluate your website and make sure it looks reputable and easy to navigate is to look at your own website in the eyes of your online visitors. When establishing credibility online you must treat your online visitors like you would in person.  This is where good website design comes into play. Also, avoid standard “Welcome to our Website” headlines, and assure your visitors that they have come to the right place.  By establishing that great first impression you already have one foot in the door.  To develop your credibility even further online, it is important to answer all inquires which come in via your website in a fast and effective way.  This helps build confidence and trust with your customers.  While answering questions about your organization, it is essential to give the facts, but also to promote the benefits.

Always provide up to date and succinct descriptions of your services.  This is one of the keys to providing great content. While playing into all these factors when establishing credibility, you can dial in to look for emotional components that reveal the benefits of your organization. Establishing that emotional connection with your website visitors encourages them to continue to interact with you, therefore establishing credibility.

Another way to look at establishing credibility is to include professional images on your site with an easy to read font and then ultimately making it easy for your customers to reach you.  Consider adding a contact number to the footer of each page, that way it is available on no matter where a person is on your website, as opposed to making them seek out your contact page.  Images are very valuable to users visiting your site, as it helps them to visualize what you are offering. Studies show that good images help to keep people on a website longer and offers them a better understanding of the message you are trying to get across.

When you are thinking about your website design, Fort Lauderdale team BMGcreative will work with you to put these factors into action to make your website stand out and be a creditable, reputable place for people to go who need the products or services you offer.

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The content you have on your website design is what draws your visitors into your site and gets them interested.  Most importantly, content is what gets results in search engines (good or bad).  Content for the web is about relevance and connecting with your audience.  You may have a stunning website design, but if you don’t have the content to match, you are missing the key piece your customer came looking for in the first place.  Delivering rich, engaging content to your visitors offers them a relationship with your organization and a connection that keeps them coming back.

Brand publishing is exploding!  With 90% of B2B marketers engaging in some form of content marketing, many marketers plan to spend more time one developing great content that people want to read.  Instead of investing in their blog or blogging strategies, marketers are trying to put out content that people will want to share.  Even if it does not have to do with the product you are specifically selling, it is still branding if done right.  As an organization, it is important to use good content to gain customers, generate leads, create brand awareness, and increase brand loyalty.  Search engines are looking for in-depth, relevant content to deliver online searchers – so the better you do in your content marketing, the better (and faster) your keyword ranking results will get.

Content that is gaining your users attention in a positive light and telling a story receives the best feedback and engagement – people like to share the things they like online!  SEO is important, but it’s not a good strategy to write your content for search engines by stuffing as many keywords as you can into the page. Ultimately, the quality of your content is what matters most when trying to turn website visitors into customers. When developing your content – whether it is a blog post, case study, video, photos or anything else – always think about your audience and how they can relate to the story you are trying to tell.  Whether it is selling a product or giving general information on your organization or trying to engage your audience in some other way, always tell a story.  You want to reach your audience on an emotional level.  Connecting with your audience on an emotional level in a positive light helps your audience remember you.

We would love to help guide you in your content marketing strategy. We are a full service marketing and branding firm, specializing in Fort Lauderdale website design. Contact us to set up a time to have coffee and talk about your online marketing and web design needs any time!

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Fort Lauderdale Web DesignMethods to Consider in Web Design

Everybody who is considering having their own website will definitely wants to have a good web design that stands out. Unique identity is needed in an ever growing internet community. There is more to a site being designed pretty or pleasant to look at to make it good. You should also consider some factors that will overall enhance the design that you have.

Although often overlooked, the domain name is very important. It can actually make or break your entire project depending on how to choose one. It has to be short and catchy enough. In other words it must have high recall value, and easy to remember.

For some of us that may want to make use of our websites for purposes of furthering our affiliate profits, this next piece of advice might not be so palatable. You must limit your advertisements. Try to use at the most two to three outside links or advertisements if you have to. Keep the focus of the reader on your site and not on the banners and side panels.

Designing it for your target audience is a key to a successful design. For instance, if your target audiences are children, you will not want to put drab and dead colors. Just like you wouldn’t use very loud colors for a more conservative target market. Do your market research on what kind of page elements to use for certain audiences. Also remember to update or revise the theme once in a while to keep the audience interests up.

Minimal graphics is also suggested in coming up with a design as this will help less eye strain on the part of the reader. You want the message sent out to be short and sweet and not too reliant on pictures. Also lesser graphics will enhance another needed component which is faster load times.

Fast load times are needed in the internet today due to one common attribute of many internet surfers. This common attribute is called attention span. Many if not all people have very short attention spans and if your site is designed that it will not load fast enough, then you can lose a potential visitor and client. They will just simply click onto another address if yours even takes more than ten seconds to load.

A standard for any great site is having a site map and even internal search engine capabilities. However, the site map is probably the most important. Search engines that need to rank and quantify their results use the site map. So having a good site map will be to your advantage in getting higher ranked hits.

Thus we have covered some important aspects of what to include in your design ideas. Although it is not limited alone to these concepts discussed in this article, they can be considered as critical and should not be left out. Always include the items just discussed above in your next design endeavor.

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Web Design company

A Credible Web Design Company For Business Success

When it comes to marketing a person’s company, thinking just like a client can help a particular individual achieve his online businesses. Determining on wise tactics and placing efforts in marketing an internet business it makes it simpler for an internet business to pull in customers. Understand that it isn’t  enough to produce a site alone to become happy in your business. An amazing Website positioning or Search engine optimization, a highly effective website hosting as well as great strategy can easily make a website an excellent tool to have the ability to accomplish business success.

You will find lots of achievements of economic proprietors have become effective using their home based business consequently of internet marketing and advertising. This really is due to the aid of professional designers as well as web Design Company to trade items with the aid of professional site.

Advertising online supplies a larger scope in comparison to paper along with other standard various kinds of advertising. Advertising your corporation over the internet can permit your company to achieve any audience midway around the world that has access to a computer. Selling advertisements on the internet is without limits regarding to its scope of coverage.

From within your home, when you search for any desired subject you just have to type in the words and you will be presented with a list of choices and there might be just the one you need. For example you might like to use a graphic designer, just type the keyword website designer and you’ll certainly yield many designer and style companies coming from all the around the world. You even narrow the search to finding designers in your area. For Instance typing in Web Designer Fort Lauderdale. Search results will give you design companies in that area.

Nowadays, using a designer has grown to become fundamental per business. This is exactly why it is important that you select one, because the businessman who engages a reliable designer or web design company for help has a professional website for use to promote the business.

Consider several excellent pointers to obtain a trustworthy designer or design company to use for your business: First, make certain you go searching for the one that provides quality at a decent pay rate. Simply search, assess their rates and furthermore the sites they have produced for other companies. Generally, there is an internet site they own designed with their site portfolio. Simply consider the portfolio inside their work and exercise having your basis in choosing the right website designer. An example inside their work will help you to work out how creative and proficient they are. Client’s recommendations are awesome basis with regards in obtaining a reliable designer. So, consider the clients’ feedback, comments and recommendations because this will aid you prevent hiring a web design businesses that has received unfavorable feedback from clients. Just like employing any personnel for use on your business, going through the web design service or Design Company’s background is actually important. When you are conscious about the historic past inside their company or their background it will likely be simpler to see whether it’s good to go through with the service they provide. Explore the help they have. With regards to getting a web design company you should take a look at what other web services its offering like website hosting, Search engine optimization and marketing since these are certainly crucial in advertising the web site as well as bringing in more clients visiting your site.

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