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There’s just one week until new EU legislation on data privacy takes effect on May 25th. This new legislation holds marketers and data processors accountable for increased data security, privacy, and transparency. It’s also important to note that the law applies to any company that stores data on and targets citizens of the EU, regardless of where your company is located.

As the deadline approaches, here are some key questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are GDPR compliance ready: Continue reading nt-violetta

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If you’re in Marketing, you know that you are constantly asked to justify the results of your campaigns and efforts. When it comes to their success or failure, the numbers don’t lie! If you are reporting your numbers back to the CEO, it’s important to identify the right key performance indicators, or you may not tell the whole story. Below we outline some guidelines for reporting the right metrics.

Less is More
While it is tempting to include every KPI available, a long report can be daunting to read and may not end up read by the people that matter. Not every metric should be included. Focus in on the most relevant metrics to your specific campaign. Continue reading nt-violetta

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Know Your ClientIf you were the owner of a multinational mining company, it would be completely unfeasible to simply choose a location on the map, and start excavation, hoping to find precious ore and gemstones. While that would be ideal in a perfect world, the fact is that there would need to be a lot more thought put into your discovery and extraction process. Continue reading nt-violetta

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Utilizing Metrics to Achieve the Best Results

Is your investment in content marketing paying off in the way that it should? How many people are viewing your content, is it being shared and are you generating quantifiable leads as a direct result of your effort? If you can’t answer these questions, then you will never know if your marketing strategy is tuned for your business needs. This is why a number of independent marketers fail. They simply don’t have the data to guide their strategy and determine the value they gain.

In your own business, even if you could afford to blindly throw money at SEO content marketing, why would you? You want to see results and real business growth, so you’re going to need to know the key metrics that are used to validate and continually improve any strategy. Continue reading nt-violetta

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Content is king. How many times have you heard or read this phrase and cringed? Although it’s a hugely overused cliché, that doesn’t change the fact that it is true. Online marketing has become increasingly competitive in recent years, and maintaining a simple blog with a splash of social media is no longer enough. Larger companies dedicate whole teams to online content marketing, so is it realistic to expect that you can achieve worthwhile results with the little time that you have on top of running your business? Continue reading nt-violetta

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From setting goals to seeking feedback, how a successful website promotes a successful business.


5 Simple Website Strategy TipsYour website strategy will play a critical role in the success of your business. At BMGcreative we know exactly what it takes to drive traffic, engage with your audience and increase your conversion rate. Your marketing strategy will ultimately determine the success of your website and any business that you do online. Continue reading nt-violetta

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Secure the attention of your potential customers with a good first impression on your website.


Landing Pages Are Crucial for Your Marketing StrategyWhen doing business online, every aspect of your online presence needs to be carefully aligned to your overall marketing strategy. To gain leads and ultimately make conversions, you will need effective landing pages. Although there are many aspects of your marketing effort that work to boost traffic and generate leads, there is sometimes too much emphasis placed in some areas, such as paid advertising, while other critical areas are overlooked. You could have the best advertising in the world, but if you don’t have the landing page that persuades and obtains buy-in, then you’re not going to see results. Continue reading nt-violetta

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Why online reputation management is essential in building a lasting client base.


online reputation managmentOnline reputation management can be a tricky process. Besides the fact that reputation management can be highly involving, there is also the challenge of setting expectations with a client, while defining what good reputation management is.

One of the most common misconceptions of reputation management is that it is based around posting fabricated reviews and testimonials online. This is not true.


We Will Never Create Fake Reviews for You

True reputation management, and the most effective kind, is the balanced act of managing your online presence by actively promoting a positive image and changing the way that consumers look at your business. Reputation management specialists understand how consumers search for you, and what influences their decision making process. By promoting the right image for your company, as well as responding to and managing any negative content, you are able to build a strong reputation based on high integrity and transparency.

Let’s take a look at how it works.


The Basics of Reputation Management

Reputation management is about promotion and engagement. Effective content is essential for your reputation management and so is honest and meaningful dialogue with your audience.

Some of the most popular platforms for the distribution of your content will include

  • Social Media accounts
  • Blog posts (guest posting and your own blog posts)
  • Online reviews and testimonials
  • Online forums relevant to your niche
  • Press releases

Online reviews and testimonials can be posted on behalf of your customers; however, it is essential that they are legitimate. The potential damage that can be caused when fake reviews are exposed is not worth the short-time gain in reputation.


Owner Versus User Generated Content

Any content that you produce will be valuable to improving your reputation, but it is the content that directly engages consumers that will be the most effective. Our agency encourages businesses to communicate with their market on the most relevant platforms. For example, if there is a particular online forum or social network group where your market talks about you and your competitors’ products, it is beneficial to build a presence in that community. The aim is not to aggressively promote your offerings but rather to establish yourself as an authoritative brand, and one that consumers can trust. Staying active in these communities will also allow you to respond and perform damage control on any negative content that is posted by consumers.

User content can be positive or negative. It is important to understand that you will never have total control over what your clients post online, which is a key reason why reputation management exists in the first place. Your approach to user content can be both proactive and reactive. You can be proactive by delivering an exceptional customer experience. You can react to negative impressions by repairing relationships with consumers or presenting your own side of the story. Responding appropriately to negative impressions will significantly boost your reputation, as it shows consumers that you are willing to engage and ensure that their needs and concerns are taken care of.


Search Results Have a Major Impact on Your Reputation

Search for your company online. What are the most popular results? Do you see positive reviews and consumer impressions? Understanding how consumers find your business is critical to developing a strong reputation. If a potential client is bombarded by negative impressions when searching for you, it is less likely he will choose to do business with you. Producing powerful content, that is high ranking and positive, can help to offset any negative impressions.

Generating positive reviews can be as simple as including an optional testimonial form with any completed sale or interaction. Capturing these impressions, while also asking for permission to post them on their behalf, allows you to build a repository of legitimate reviews to use in reputation management.

An effective campaign will implement the best strategies to build a strong reputation for your new business and improve the online reputation of your existing company.


Continuous Management for Sustained Growth

We will work with you to assess your reputation management needs while determining the best strategy to grow your reputation in the future. With figures indicating that over 90% of consumers will research your company online, you simply can’t afford to ignore your reputation.

Let’s face it; your company won’t go anywhere if it is perceived poorly by your target market. Honesty and integrity is the best way to establish a good reputation. A professionally-led campaign will boost your reputation by releasing targeted content and positive reviews through all of your available channels while also addressing negative reviews and restoring consumer confidence in your brand. The approach will be search engine friendly and can improve your overall online presence. More exposure means more interactions, and a strong online reputation will mean you receive more leads for your business.


Talk to us to begin the process of reputation management today, and enjoy real growth benefits in your business.


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BMGBlog-how much should
Even if you have a working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), using an SEO company can help you take your business to the next level online. Failure to use quality SEO practices will make it difficult for your business to succeed in the online marketplace. Once you decide to use the expertise and services of a good SEO company, it’s time to choose the right one according to your needs. However, you may be wondering about the cost of SEO, as well as what you should be looking for in a good SEO company.

Why You Should NEVER Choose a Cheap SEO Company

Of course, the cost of SEO will come into play when you’re choosing a SEO company. However, you should never make your decision based upon price alone. It’s also important to avoid choosing companies that offer extremely cheap SEO pricing. What’s considered a cheap price? If the company is charging less than $300 per month, you probably want to keep looking. Remember, when it comes to SEO services, you really do get what you pay for, so choose wisely.

SEO Strategies Should Be Unique to Your Business

It’s important to understand that a SEO company should employ SEO strategies that are unique to your business. Every business is different, so companies shouldn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Unfortunately, companies that provide cheap SEO services often use a set plan for every company, which rarely works out well for customers.

What Should You Look for in a SEO Company?

Beyond SEO pricing, what else should you be looking for in a quality SEO company? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Content Marketing is Essential – It’s important to find a SEO company that uses content marketing as a SEO strategy. Content marketing is a technique that will work for any business. SEO strategies that don’t involve content marketing don’t provide results.

Ensure the Company Does Plenty of Research – To come up with a customized SEO strategy for your business, a SEO company should do plenty of research. Research and strategy services should include data analysis, brand strategy and planning, audience targeting, market growth strategy, business consulting and more.

Look for a Long Term Partner – When choosing a SEO company, you need to look for a long-term partner instead of looking at SEO as a one-time job. Look for providers that understand SEO in terms of return on investment to your business. Providers should be evaluated with a long term scope since a successful campaign will bring about a long-term relationship.

Your business can’t afford to just hire any agency. Instead of looking solely at the cost of SEO, it’s important to look for an agency that will take your entire brand and marketing strategy into account, providing you with the long-term, successful results you want.

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