In business, marketing is everything. What we see in our business is that start-up companies and small businesses try to focus on everything except their marketing and by the time they realize marketing is important, they’ve waited too long and they are behind the curve. They are scrambling to catch up with their competitors and get a campaign of some kind together and they want it all as quickly as possible. How this usually turns out is, well, bad.Web Development Company

Many take the DIY route of building a website and throwing together some marketing pieces or even going on a site that lets you design your own set of business cards and other print marketing materials for rock bottom prices because they think that looks reputable and they just don’t know any better.

How you present your business to your potential clients matters. What your website looks like and how it functions matters. Load times matter and content does matter. Where you may be able to cut corners in some places to save money, your business website should not be one of them. The best thing you can do when you develop a website for your business is to make sure it can grow with your company. This means putting your website in a content management system that is easy to use, like WordPress. Make sure you can easily update your content as needed without the need to hire an outside company to do it for you.

A professional web development company can help you put together a website that works for your company by producing a website that is in line with your company goals right from the start. Clearly communicating your goals to your web developer will ensure you are both on the same page and that the end result meets with your expectations.

If you are serious about your start-up, let’s get started on your website and make you stand out from your competitors online. Contact us for a quote online or call 877-887-6397.

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Websites are the first thing that people see of our business in most cases. Unless they’ve come directly to your physical location, the website will be their first glimpse of your company. You want to make a good impression of course. What people see of your site makes them determine whether or not they want to come to your store. They judge you quite often on the site that you have reflecting your business as a whole.website design

In most cases, people base what they think of you and your site on the current trends in website design and in whether or not you’re keeping up with current trends. A reasonably modern site that hasn’t gone years without an update is going to make a good impression on your visitor.

What are the current web design trends that we’re seeing in 2013?

One of the most common is responsive design. While responsive design is not a necessity, it is something that can be helpful for several reasons. Today more than a third of the world is using the internet at some point during the day from a mobile device. Having a responsive design for your website allows it to be viewed and to look relatively good on any kind of device – from a pc to a laptop to any tablet or smart phone. That means that only one design is necessary for your website and the world sees you no matter what device they are using.

Most companies want a website that only needs to be done one time and doesn’t have to switch to a totally different mobile site in order to make it visible on tablets and smartphones. These responsive sites are selling well, are working well, and are converting well for businesses around the globe.

If you want a great website with a responsive design, BMGcreative is here to serve. Give us a call or contact us online to get started.

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If you are running a small business of any kind, then you might be wondering whether or not you actually need to utilize internet marketing for small business. The answer can be somewhat complicated, and it really depends on what type of business you have established. For example if you have established a fruit stand and have no plans to expand, then you might not need to use internet marketing other than a listing on Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Places for Business so that you can be found locally. If you plan to market to the entire world however, and if you really want to go places and be found by a larger target audience, then it’s time to look into SEO companies and other online marketing opportunities.


internet-marketing-for-small-businessSEO companies, Fort Lauderdale based like BMGcreative or otherwise, are designed to help you gain more exposure in the search engines, ensuring that the most highly searched keywords actually lead to your website. To accomplish this, you will have to learn which keywords are indeed the most popular and have them sprinkled throughout your site and combine them with an SEO strategy that includes high quality content, reputable link building and social engagement to your target audience. As a business owner, you need to work with a company that has expertise with search engine optimization and internet marketing for small business to help you convert the traffic you receive on your site into real customers.

Other forms of internet marketing will of course extend to social media, along with various e-mail campaigns that you might launch. You should be committed to a consistent brand marketing strategy across multiple channels, but you will find that internet marketing for small business is the best way to get your name out there and engage new clients to interact with your business. BMGcreative can work with your business side by side to leverage your brand and spread the word about your company. You might be operating on a small budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you. Whether you have $500 or $5,000 a month, we can help make the best use of your marketing dollars to make every lead count.

Internet marketing for small business is an affordable way to get started, and we’d love to see how we can work with you to accomplish your goals for growth in the second half of 2013. Contact us to get started.

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Marketing for Non Profit OrganizationsHere at BMGcreative and the Good News, we get to work with many non profit organizations. When it comes to branding and marketing for non profit organizations, what we have found is that the majority of the successful non profits follow these basic five branding principles:

1. One Word – Own a particular word in the minds of your target audience which makes your organization stand apart from all others. This word needs to be simple, clear and memorable. A good example of this is the RED campaign that fights against AIDS.

2. Focus, Focus, Focus – The influence of a strong brand is directly related to its breadth of opportunity. As an organization, identify the one thing you excel in – more so than any other organization, and focus your brand and efforts on that particular value proposition. A leader in this area is Habitat for Humanity; known for excelling in community development and providing home ownership opportunities.

3. Leadership – Successful non profit organizations are truly thought to be leaders in their particular sect of business. Think of ways that your organization can develop a unique approach or provide a type of service that no other organization provides. Create a category in your industry, a niche, which your organization can uniquely claim leadership in.

4. Authenticity – Step back and evaluate your brand. Does it sincerely reflect what you stand for as an organization? Is your brand and marketing efforts relevant to the community you serve? For any non profit organization, authenticity is the proof in the pudding.

5. Consistency – As time goes by, trends will always come and go. But strong brands should remain the same. A brand cannot resonate and be memorable in the mind of your audience if it keeps changing. Your brand and marketing needs to be communicated consistently and clearly over time. Think of the American Red Cross – the brand is recognized around the world because it has always remained the same.

If you are working on marketing for non profit organizations, what techniques and methods are you using to instill trust, confidence and to make your brand memorable to your target audience?

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Measuring Success in BusinessAfter much stress along with your blood, sweat & tears, your business is finally off the ground. Now you have to face the big question, “Will my organization be a success?” While only time will truly tell, here are five methods to help you evaluate when measuring success in business for your organization.

Profitability year over year is likely the first thing business owners think about when measuring success in their business. Is the organization making money as opposed to losing money? This is not a wrong way to look at your business – if there is a profit left after you have covered your business expenses, then things are going in a positive direction for the company. Measuring success by profitability is a key factor in whether or not your company is going to make it over the long haul. If you find you are constantly in the red, your chances of success begin to decline each month. It is nearly impossible to stay in business if there is no money to continue operating.

An Increasing Client Base
In addition to success, an increase in the number of customers or clients you have is a sure sign that you are successfully meeting your goals. Giving your the right audience your focus and meeting their needs better than your competitors is what your business is all about. Without a growing base of clients, your success will be very limited. The long-term growth of your organization is linked with your ability to not only reach your current clients at the right time with the right message, but to grow and align with your long-term objectives. All of those extended hours invested on the analysis, market research and development of a product or service confirm themselves here. Did your analysis pay off? If not, it may be time to go back to the drawing board to see where you can make some changes in this area.

Customer Satisfaction
Satisfaction of the people who do business with you is a strong indicator that your organization is aware of the needs of your clients. If you truly understand your clients and are able to fulfill their needs, then you are dialed in to a great place. This factor is crucial to the strength of your organization. Keep in mind that one disappointed client can destroy the reputation of your company to several pleased clients – it happens all of the time. Having strong customer satisfaction will always add to the success of your organization and it is imperative to monitor this element of your company on a regular basis. This is easily done with customer surveys and simply by talking to your clients and asking them if they are happy with your services.

Employee Satisfaction
Employee fulfillment is another key signal you can use when measuring success in business. Creating a workplace that rewards and encourages employees in their efforts to do a job well is crucial in gaining and maintaining quality employees. If employees know they are valued, they are much more likely to go that step further when needed. Personnel are an essential part of your organization. They are often the face of your company and the ones who will touch your clients the most. Do everything within your power to ensure your employees remain satisfied in their jobs and you can rest assured that measure of success in your business is worth its weight in gold for your efforts.

Owner Satisfaction
Perhaps the most important measure of success in business for 2013 is whether you — the business owner — is happy with the results of the organization. If you yourself are not happy with your business, it certainly won’t be much longer until everyone else feels the same way. Find the source of your unhappiness if you are not satisfied with your organization as a whole and make serious efforts to change it. Success in your business means that you are content, happy, and excited and still believe in what your company stands for. That kind of attitude is contagious and will overflow to your employees and will show in all of your dealings with customers.

What other ways does your company measure success?

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New Business Goals for 2013If you haven’t already done so, January is a great time to decide on a list of business goals for the new year. Whether you have decided to take the leap with a new business start-up or you want to expand your existing business, planning and setting goals for exactly what you want to accomplish will help you stay accountable and on task throughout the year.

Here are 4 ideas for new business goals to help get you going:

Lower Expenses: Take a reflective and realistic look at 2012’s expenses for your business and analyse which ones were higher than they should have been. Whether it was on office supplies or business lunches or even printing costs, you should brainstorm some ideas on how to decrease the numbers. You can consider buying office supplies in bulk or even re-evaluating the partnerships you have with vendors to see if there are opportunities there to lower expenses.

Reach New Markets: You can help to make 2013 a successful year by reviewing last year’s marketing plan and results from specific campaigns to evaluate what worked, and of course, what didn’t. Social media and online marketing avenues are more cost effective than ever, so if you haven’t tried promoting your business online, it’s time to start. You can also make a list of your specific target audience and brainstorm new ways to reach them.

Keep Learning: Expanding your business means you have to constantly keep up with your competitors and new market trends in your industry. You can do this by reading industry related books or publications, taking a course or seminar, or by joining a networking group. With each new skill and connection you may, you’ll find that you are adding valuable knowledge to your business that you did not have before.

Work Life Balance: As an entrepreneur or business owner, it’s easy to let your business take over your entire life. Make time for yourself, for your family and friends, and set work hours that will create an optimal work life balance. You have to prevent yourself from getting burned out if you want to continue to run a successful business that you love. Evaluate which elements of your business create the most stress, and evaluate ways to automate tasks or outsource to create more time for you.

Whatever your business goals are for 2013, it is vital to ensure they are achievable and measurable and that you have also set a reasonable time frame. Working towards goals which are actually achievable will help keep you motivated each time you meet one to keep going and growing your business. Quantifying your business goals with specific numbers also means that you can measure your progress and give you something to strive for. You will also be able to know for sure whether or not you have met your goal. Lastly, setting a time frame on your new business goals will help you stay on task, and assist you with updating your approach and marketing tactics throughout the year.

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Effective Marketing PlanEffective Marketing PlanWhether you are starting a new business or are just planning for the upcoming year for an existing business, one of the most crucial elements will be your marketing plan. Regardless of how awesome and unique your product or service is, you will not be able to be profitable in your marketing efforts if you can’t effectively target and reach your prospective client base.

As one of the creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale, we have developed many different types of marketing plans and strategies for businesses of all types, sizes and at different stages of growth. We understand that a carefully researched, planned and executed marketing strategy is imperative to the success of any business that wants to grow.

The many successful Marketing campaigns we’ve developed and managed all consist of certain key elements which include:

A. Situation Analysis – You need to understand your industry’s current market landscape (competitors, target clients, business needs, etc.)
B. Market Opportunity – In your marketing, what niche exists for you to tap into? What is your forecasted revenue? Can you build your company’s market share?
C. Objectives – What goals is your company trying to achieve via its marketing efforts? Are you trying to grow market share, expand your reach into existing core customers, expand into new markets, increase your sales, or…?
D. Messaging – You need to think through how your business is different and create statements which position your business in a unique way compared to your main competitors
E. Marketing Strategies – What marketing channels and approach will you take to effectively achieve your objectives? For example: if one of your objectives is to expand into new markets, then a supporting strategy might be to run an email marketing campaign with a targeted, purchased list from an outside source that you have never marketed to previously.
F. Marketing Tactics – You should strategize and choose the specific tactical actions you are going to take such as creating newly designed ads to appeal to certain target audiences. Whatever tactics you choose, make sure they are in line with your end objectives.
G. Execution – In terms of planning, you need to assign a target completion as well as execution dates to each action item you have outlined and stick to them as closely as possible.

Overall, this may seem like a lot to do for an effective marketing plan, however, it is important to plan and execute with forethought, strategy and measurable goals so that you know whether or not your efforts are successful.

If you want to start on a new marketing plan for 2013, we would be happy to assist you with starting off on the right foot with a solid plan for a successful and profitable year.

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New Marketing Ideas for 2013New Marketing Ideas for 2013Each year, just like the last, there are plenty of new marketing and advertising concepts that are thrown at business owners. Some perform well and well….others fail miserably and should never be re-visited. Here are three effective new marketing ideas for 2013 that you may want to consider if you haven’t already.

Pinterest for Business. This is simply a personal bulletin board where you can pin photos and share ideas. Pinterest allows you to discuss whatever you want with other individuals who follow you on the site. For example, you may want to share your images of an exclusive event such as a marriage, party, grand opening or anything else you want. You can give your followers ideas on how to use your products and services in the best way possible. Photos really do say a thousand words – and it has been proven time and time again that great images resonate with people much better than just text.

As a user, you can surf bulletin boards that other individuals have designed. Pinterest for Business is an excellent way to share great content and allow people to bookmark or pin it. This may also encourage others to view your content as well.

Mobile Marketing. Mobile promotion has exploded in the last few years, so much so that many individuals are often using it as their primary place of promotion. In mobile marketing platforms, you have the flexibility to target different types of users and devices which can give you significant advantages in a way that no other marketing provides. As more individuals use smartphones and other mobile devices, the potential for this kind of marketing will only continue to improve and be able to be delivered to the best target audience for your product or service. In the US, 46% of individuals own a smartphone and that number continues to grow every day. One third of all smartphone users have made at least one purchase via the internet on their phone. Some do it consistently as the comfort of doing it improves. As this becomes more and more common, the marketing opportunities increase and improve.

Content Marketing. Content promotion, while not new in itself, is more essential than ever before because of all the changes search engines have made, such as its popular Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. There is much more focus on the value of content on a website than ever before. The search engines want to provide a good user experience. Online searchers do not constantly want to revisit old content again and again. People need to see targeted and relevant content on all sites they check out so they can make educated decisions whether it is to make a purchase or get information.

Essentially, marketing will always change and improve with the times. Smart business owners will change with the times or get left behind in the dirt of their competitors that are doing a better job of tracking what their consumers are looking for and delivering it.

Let us help you get more out of your marketing.

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Creative Agencies in Fort LauderdaleWhether you really want to develop a creative brand design or want to fully execute a strategic re-branding campaign for your business, there’s enough reason to use the professional services of creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale if you do not have an in-house creative team. While looking for these agencies you might run into various self employed, small local agencies, larger digital marketing agencies with national offices and even some multinational advertising agencies. So, how would you select the best one for your business?

It is almost always difficult for a business owner to change perception and think about the entire picture. He or she may know plenty about getting new business card printing for the company employees, but what ought to be the final design or what about the logo design? Let’s say the organization does not have an in-house design department. If this is the case with you, as it is for many small businesses, it is certainly advisable to select one of the professional creative agencies in your area to accomplish the project. This could save considerable time and money.

There is a lot to be considered before producing a great brand. The final colors, fonts, and message is portrayed is very important, as you ultimately want it to grab the interest of your target audience. Each one of these things could be better handled with a creative agency than trying to do it on your own. You will think of more questions along the way, and any of the professional creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale you choose to work with will help you clarify what is needed to be successful. Here at BMGcreative, we sit down with our clients and ask many questions about the company, culture, products or services and what they want their image to portray. We help our clients to “Never Look Small”. Regardless of how small your needs are, whether it is simply a business card, it is wise to be strategic.

Whenever you employ a creative agency to produce your logo design or help you with your marketing strategy, you’re going to get what you pay for. Your decision in choosing to work with one of the creative agencies in Fort Lauderdale should not be based solely on price. Hire a company with a solid reputation that makes you feel like a valued client, regardless of what you are spending.

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creative agenciesWith the world living existence online- purchasing things, interacting with one another, researching, and entertaining themselves, it’s no surprise that brands wish to promote themselves to boost their presence online. This begins by having a website and perhaps some online marketing, but could go so far as starting creative, interactive marketing campaigns on numerous social networking channels. Sooner or later between all this digital excitements, the web marketing agency hands over their accounts towards the creative agencies.

Online marketing creative agencies tend to pay attention to marketing strategies, for example internet search engine optimization (SEO), ad campaigns, press announcements, and eblasts. They frequently have web-developers and designers employed in-house, this way they are able to offer their customers a complete online marketing service experience. Frequently brands new to the web acknowledge they require a website however, they do not understand what search engine optimization even is. Once the site becomes recognized and generates multiple visitors, the client will call their web design company and request ways to help improve traffic.

While all brands require some quantity of Search engine optimization, particularly when writing their meta particulars, it’s mainly small brands which are determined by people discovering about the subject as well as their items via Google searches or advertisements. People thinking about purchasing Coca-Cola usually don’t perform a Search for “fizzy drinks”, but people searching for a nearby electrical installer might perform a look for “Fulham electricians”. Consequently online marketing companies frequently use more compact, or service-brought clients. With that said, a number one jewelry designer may want individuals to have the ability to find their items from just typing “earrings” right into a internet search engine, or Nike may want individuals to see their latest sneaker designs by typing “awesome kicks” right into a internet search engine.

Creative agencies are usually comprised of digital specialists, graphic artists, social networking gurus, in addition to individuals with offline marketing experience who are able to conceptualize marketing campaigns that mix offline with internet. These creative agencies might perform advertising campaign that includes a video ad online, a Twitter competition, as well as an interactive application on Facebook. Then possible creative and awesome methods for individuals campaigns to tie into offline marketing. A couple of years back for example, Dazed and Confused Magazine met up with Adidas to produce a guerrilla marketing competition, where participants were urged to transform gray areas around London into eco-friendly ones. They needed to videotape themselves in the process after which publish them towards the magazine, for the opportunity to be featured and win awards. Your competition was promoted offline and online, the job ended offline, but involved using technology, and so those who win were featured on the internet and in publications. This is an excellent illustration of an advertising and marketing campaign that does not only get the brands fans involved, but moves them effortlessly online to offline.

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