call-to-actionWhen you’re requesting–or writing–content for this holiday season, take some time to think about what you want and to brainstorm topics. Refine your content approach to be something your readers are really interested in hearing. If you’ve heard of a new product that is similar to what your customers are using or if you’ve got a new way to use something, post it. The more innovative your content, the better it’s going to be received by your customers, no matter what time of year, but particularly during the holidays.

Create better, results-oriented calls to action. Whether you want your readers to download an ebook or to buy a piece of software, you need to make an innovative call to action that entices them to respond. Offer incentives to your writers, if possible, providing a small bonus for the writer who pens the most often clicked call to action.


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Social-Media-VideoUnless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet and video is driving sales through the roof. Even a small, short video that offers a little about your products will sell well. If you’re in a visual business, such as decorating or cooking, a video of your products, even if it’s a slideshow style video with some upbeat music or text, can sell your products well.

If YouTube sounds intimidating, consider posting videos on Instagram and Vine. A brief 6-15 second video can still capture attention.

If you haven’t gotten on board the video train yet, the holidays may be the perfect time to do so. With great food, gorgeous decorations and impressive holiday gifts providing visual appeal, a video on social media during this season may boost your sales better than you realize.

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Social-MediaWhile most companies–arguably more than 90 percent — focus their attention on Facebook for their holiday social media campaigns, you may want to target other places as well. Don’t lock yourself into one social media platform. Some are projecting that Instagram is going to be the “breakout” social media platform of choice for this years holiday shoppers. Pinterest is another great website for the holidays as people look there for gift ideas, party planning and decorating. Check out multiple social media sites to find out which one is going to help you most in your holiday marketing.

If you’re locking yourself into one social media platform, you’re likely missing out on some very good traffic. Photo-based social media such as Instagram and Twitter will help you create a market and allow people to see firsthand what you’re offering. A picture really is worth a thousand words.


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Write-Engaging-ContentContent is king. Your marketing needs to include a fair portion of content, but the content isn’t for the search engines; it’s for your customers. The average customer knows when content is written for keyword use by search engines. You need to use those keywords but don’t let them drive your content.

The content that appears on your site needs to add real value and bring in not only the search engines but also your customers. Give them something new, something interesting and something they don’t know. Articles can draw in the search engines while also engaging your customers. Make sure they begin in an interesting way and don’t leave your customers hanging.


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local-business-marketingIf you’re a local business, which most small companies online today are, then you know that the holiday experience is massively different in –say– Arizona, than it is in Pennsylvania. Use holiday social media marketing to direct your campaigns at local customers. Attract attention to your advertising by adding a little local flavor. Feature images of local businesses,  local decorating or local people shopping. You’ll find that might get a little more notice than if you were showing snow-covered scenes to advertise a Phoenix furniture store.

As much as possible, localize your content to appeal to the audience who would buy from you if you’re a brick and mortar store. Play to the home audience and your sales will quite likely pick up dramatically.


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StumbleUponWhen it comes to advertising, StumbleUpon is one of the most cost effective ways that you can advertise.  For small to mid-sized businesses, the Paid Search Discovery at StumbleUpon maximizes exposure for nominal outlay.

The costs are far less than you might pay on any other type of advertising and according to users, StumbleUpon advertising is a lot more effective than many other social networking sites including Facebook. That’s the word from many who use it.

The best advertising methods on Stumble Upon include visually appealing content such as crisp photos or funny content that gains attention. Starting at about 10 cents per click, Stumble Upon is an awesome way to get discovered.


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social media holiday campaigns

Everyone knows, or expects, that your sales are going to rise during the holiday season. The average online or physical store sees a rise in sales of about 20-40 percent during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course a great deal of that depends on what you sell, but as a rule, regardless of your product, from software to eggnog, your sales should rise. That presupposes that your customers know who you are and what you have to offer. But do they?

What are your online marketing plans for the holidays? Do you have special plans for your website, your marketing and your social media this year? If you’re like most of us, you’re seeking the best way to improve your marketing and that includes your social media during this holiday season.

Whether you’re selling products or services, social media for the holidays is a great way to engage your customers. You can draw in more prospective buyers and generate more sales from holiday shoppers if you have a strong social media strategy and plan carefully what you’re doing with it.

Here are a few ways that you can boost your social media holiday campaigns and marketing to help drive those extra sales and business this holiday season.

You should already know where your customers are hanging out on social media this holiday season. Pinterest is showing them images of things that they are considering for holiday purchases. Facebook is letting them share and like those products. Twitter is helping them to make the decision.

According to all of the online data from a survey taken by Market Live more than half of all customers who are out there shopping this holiday season are going to be or have been influenced by something that they saw or read on social media. We will talk about the influence of customer reviews on products and services in another article.

The average customer looks for ideas, seeks out products, gets references or talks about how a product or service works with someone else on social media. The campaigns that various marketers or retailers send out on social media are seriously influencing customers. Their awareness of the brand is improved and customer sales are increased by properly using social media to promote and engage potential buyer.

What kind of campaigns are working on social media to bring about the improved sales? How can you create your own campaigns to improve brand awareness and increase sales this holiday season?


The key to creating a social media campaign that works is in careful planning and sometimes in reviewing what your competition is doing. Assess your efforts on social media last year. Ascertain how well they worked and which aspects of the campaign did not work. Determine which social media site worked best for you. Once you’ve determined all of those things you will have a better return on your social media efforts.


Tis the season of giving, so giving a little back to your customers is going to net you a big return. You’ll get new customers and new sales by implementing some incentives into your social media holiday campaigns. These work very well on the major social media channels.  Some of the incentives that you may want to consider will include things like loyalty awards, percentage discounts and free shipping. Because so many people today are using social media, landing those incentive programs on social media boosts sales dramatically.

Make Smart Investments

Smart Blogs shared a few things that might be helpful to those who are trying to find the best social media holiday campaigns for the investment of their time and money. The insights that they shared came from OfferPop‘s, the author of the Holiday Social Marketing Trends infographic. Their advice is “Holiday marketing efforts should include an investment in the power of social media to increase commerce and strengthen brand reach.”

Choose the Right Tactics

Once you’ve got all of the information that you need about where your social media has been in the past, how well it functioned, where your competitors are and what’s necessary to improve your sales, you’re ready to create a new social media holiday campaigns that tout your strengths and can help you to build your brand and improve your sales.

Don’t forget to add a dose of holiday welcome and cheer to your social media marketing holiday campaigns and don’t forget to use a little “holiday hurry.” Create a sense of urgency that will play out with increased sales by reminding your customers that once the holidays are gone, so is your offer.

Contact us if you need help creating solid social media strategy or need ideas for great marketing this season. We can help you make create a flurry of new business.

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email-marketingWhile naysayers may tell you that email marketing is no longer a viable option claiming that only 2% of people open emails, the fact is that email marketing is still a viable option with unique benefits. If you want to build a good relationship with your customers and create a dynamic relationship that sees them coming back for more, nothing beats a weekly or bi-weekly email that lets them know what you’ve been doing.

It’s simple and easy to send out one or two emails every week that ask questions, offer ideas and provide tips on current products. This demonstrates that you still care about the customer after the sale is made. If you’re not already doing it, offer some kind of a free and valuable enticement in order to get email addresses. Then keep a nominal amount of emails flowing to the customer.

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Social Media for Business to Consumer Marketing

Most internet users today use social media networks, meaning that using social media for business purposes is an essential part of marketing today. A large percentage of businesses note that social media marketing offers great results, and if you’re going to compete with other businesses on the web, you’ll need to begin using social media to your advantage. Here is a look at the top social media sites, as well as how you can use them for effective business to consumer marketing.


Currently, Facebook has the largest amount of users when it comes to social media websites. In fact, studies show that 93% of adults who use the web have a Facebook account. With millions of users on Facebook, you can’t afford to overlook this social media site. To get your social media marketing campaign started, you’ll need to create a page for your business. Once your page is created, you can begin building your Facebook presence. Make sure you create a visually appealing page that will encourage people to “like” your business page. To enjoy the best results, make sure that you use friendly posts, focus on photos and learn the best times to post.


Twitter continues to see explosive growth and many businesses already have Twitter accounts. If you plan to usesocial media for business purposes, make sure that you consider this microblogging website. It allows you to communicate in short posts called “tweets.” For an effective Twitter marketing campaign, be sure to complete the entire profile, branding it for your company. Learn to use hashtags when posting on Twitter, since studies show that tweets that have a hashtag or two see higher levels of engagement. Make sure you take time to build a list of followers so more people see your messages. Just avoid constantly posting sales pitches – make your tweets useful and interesting for the best results.


Instagram is all about photos and videos and over 75 million people use Instagram each day. This casual social media site allows you to add pictures and videos that help you to build brand awareness while engaging your audience. When using Instagram, make sure that you choose videos and pictures that represent your company well, ensuring that you keep a unique voice for your company. Try to focus on posting content that your fan base wants to see.


Many businesses don’t realize that Pinterest is an important site that should be included in any social media marketing campaign. When using social media for business, be sure to keep Pinterest in mind. It has already seen explosive growth and continues to grow. Studies show that Pinterest users are the social media users that spend the most money, so Pinterest offers an excellent marketing opportunity. As you pin videos and photos, be sure to include keywords in all your pins and include a link in your pin as well. Ensure that your profile is filled out so your profile doesn’t appear like spam. It’s also possible to monitor the traffic that comes to your site from Pinterest, which can allow you to modify and hone your social media marketing campaign for the best results.


Although Google+ is not as popular as Facebook, it is growing and has more than 300 million users. The “Circles” feature offered by Google+ lets you easily control your presence on this social media sites, since you can put followers/friends into different circles. This makes it easy to share posts with only a certain group of people so you can personalize posts to certain groups of followers.

Most businesses only think of Twitter and Facebook when considering social media for business marketing campaigns. Make sure you learn more about the social media sites available and find the ones that fit well with the products or services your business has to offer.

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Social Media for Business

Since studies show that 69% of business to business buyers are using social networks for business development and networking, social media for business cannot be ignored. B2B businesses need to ensure they are involved in social networks and communities where customers are already engaging. With social media marketing, it is possible to share knowledge, engage prospects, build brand recognition and loyalty and increase sales. If you’re new to social media, here are a few helpful tips to remember as you begin using social media for business to business marketing.

The Value of a Facebook “Like”

Facebook, currently the largest social media site, brings in millions of people each day. Since Facebook currently dominates in social media, using Facebook as a party of your social media marketing campaign is essential. With a quality Facebook page, you can create conversations with business buyers via status updates, images, videos and more. One of the ways businesses can engage with other businesses is to create content that encourages a “like.” Studies show that Facebook “likes” vary in value, but for many companies, a “like” results in higher profits. One study done on Best Buy showed that someone liking the brand not only spend more than $200 more money each year than people who didn’t like the brand, but those individuals were more likely to recommend the brand to other people as well.

Twitter – How and When to Use It

Business today use Twitter for many reasons, including for customer service, brand recognition and marketing. Business users on Twitter want new information, products, ideas and opportunities. Twitter is all about interacting with other people or businesses, making it a valuable tool for B2B businesses. For the best Twitter results, start following people that are involved in your field, connect with relevant users and use the people you follow and those following you to give your business credibility. Make sure you offer more than information on products, discounts and sales. Include engaging tweets, such as pictures and videos, and retweet positive tweets from happy customers.

Don’t Forget YouTube

When companies engage in social media for business to business marketing, they often forget about YouTube – a big mistake! YouTube happens to be the 2nd largest search engine and the main social media site for video content. Video content is a powerful marketing tool and statistics show that a huge percentage of internet users watch videos online. YouTube has millions of users that visit regularly, so if you don’t use YouTube, you’re missing out on a lot of marketing potential. Create helpful, how-to style videos and add them to the appropriate categories on YouTube. You can even set up a brand channel for your company.

Using LinkedIn for Marketing

Since LinkedIn is a social media site for professionals, it’s an excellent channel to use for social media marketing. LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Groups, an excellent venue that allows you to create dialog with other businesses involved in similar industries. Current business clients have the ability to provide your business with recommendations on your company profile, which increases credibility for your business. LinkedIn also has a “Questions” area, which businesses can browse, offering answers to gain the trust of other users.

Google+ Continues to Grow

Google+ continues to grow, setting itself up as a competitor to Facebook. It offers similar features to Facebook, but offers some unique features as well. Not only can you upload links, photos, videos and more, but you can use the Google Hangout Feature to host how-to or informational sessions. Since you can create Google+ circles, it is possible to create unique circles where you can share special offers and discounts.

Social media for business to business marketing offers a unique way for businesses to build their brand and engage with their business customers. Keep these important tips in mind to maximize the benefits social media has to offer.

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