Are You Ready For GDPR?


There’s just one week until new EU legislation on data privacy takes effect on May 25th. This new legislation holds marketers and data processors accountable for increased data security, privacy, and transparency. It’s also important to note that the law applies to any company that stores data on and targets citizens of the EU, regardless of where your company is located.

As the deadline approaches, here are some key questions you can ask yourself to determine if you are GDPR compliance ready: (more…)

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Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Have you created buyer personas for your business? No matter what industry you are in, buyer personas can help you understand your target audience on a deeper level. Buyer personas are generalized, approximate models of who your buyers or customers are and what characteristics or attributes influenced their buying decisions.


It is common for organizations to not have buyer personas or make mistakes in their development. If you are interested in creating personas and would like to avoid common pitfalls, here are some common mistakes you should avoid. (more…)

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Landing Pages: One Key to Converting Leads

Landing PagesAre you looking to increase your conversions on your digital advertising or email campaigns? One element many marketers overlook is a well-designed landing page. Up to 44% of marketers refer their campaigns to their general website because they do not have the resources or time to develop a well thought out landing page. However, they may be doing so at the expense of their lead generation and conversion on sales. (more…)

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