Magento vs WordPress for Your Ecommerce Site

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system, and millions of webmasters rely on it for easy development and management. However, just because it’s the most popular in terms of numbers, it doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect platform for every scenario.

Magento could be a viable alternative for your business, and comparing the two options will help you to decide which way to go. (more…)

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You Can’t Build A Business on A $300 Website

In a world gone digital, those with a secure foundation online succeed, and why building your house with hay won’t stand up to the competition.


You Can't Build A Business on A $300 WebsiteIn business there is a conversation that usually starts with, “I’ve been in business for a few years and I’m ready to take my business serious. I have money to invest and want to do it correctly because I know it’s going to cost to do it right and compete in my competitive market.” After a discussion with the customer about marketing and options, we usually send over a proposal that is well above the $300 mark. Three or four days usually pass and the email or phone call comes back with, “I’ve talked to a friend and he turned me onto a website that builds websites for under $300. I’m going to go that route instead of your agency.” (more…)

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Why Website Security Maintenance is Crucial for Your Business

On average, 30,000 sites are hacked a day due to poor website security. Is your’s next?


website security, website maintenanceWhatever kind of business you engage in, a stable website will be essential to ensure that you can engage with your audience and generate valuable leads that can be converted into sales. Your website should be informative and compelling, but perhaps just as importantly, it should be secure. Security is a challenge that all website owners face today. Constant threat of hackers, malicious software or even accidental loss of data mean an unsecured website could end up costing you money and, in the worst case scenario, lead to crippling setbacks for your business. Finding the right company to help you secure your website is not just good business; it’s necessary.


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