Content Marketing

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At BMGcreative Marketing, we get clients everyday asking us if “content marketing” is a buzzword or an actual strategy. Well since you landed on this page, we wrote it, and you’re now reading it, then content marketing is as real as this web page. Content marketing is simply the art of writing content for the web, print, or video that is both compelling to a user and attractive to search engines. Once upon a time you could write boring content with lots of keywords and soar to the top of Google searches with ease. And while in some cases that still might be true, being at the top of Google doesn’t close sales.

Make it compelling

Many internet marketers get caught up in their pursuit of traffic and often forget that once a piece of content reaches the top of google their job isn’t over. A user still needs to click on that search result listing, read the content, and make a very important decision. Anyone reading your website is a skeptic, they’re browsing and shopping. Just like you’d search for the best value on the best product in a store, the same thing is happening on the web. Users are looking at your site, trying to decide if your product is a good value. If you offer a service instead of a tangible product, content marketing becomes even more important.

Small or Large Businesses

Let’s give you an example. If you’re a small business owner offering a service, chances are there is no quick and easy way to ensure a customer that you’re the best at what you do without meeting them in person. The only chance you have to engage with customers browsing the web is through content and images. Even if you get hundreds of thousands of people clicking on your website everyday, if your content doesn’t truly represent your company and entice someone enough to call or contact you, you’ll never convert those users into customers. Content marketing is just as important to your overall internet marketing strategy as traditional SEO, PPC, and social media.

Search Engine Friendly

Another component to content marketing that can make or break your company is the art of combining search engine friendly keywords and interesting content. Although users are a large piece of the puzzle, the most important person that will read the content on your website isn’t a person at all. It’s Google! If the search engines read your site and don’t like what they see, then no users, customer, or humans of any kind will ever even get the chance to see it.

Give our content marketing professional at BMGcreative Marketing a call today and we’ll create a custom content marketing strategy that fits your business, is search engine friendly, and delivers a clear message to each and every person that visits your website. After all BMGcreative has been Marketing for print publications longer than the internet.