Custom Web Design

It’s a given that you need to have a unique web presence. Every business today requires an online presence that will allow them to be found in Google in their local area, as well as in the regional or sometimes even the global marketplace. Getting noticed in searches leads to more traffic and typically more sales for the website owner. That’s if the site that they build has the kind of punch and the kind of function that allows the customer to have a great on-site experience.

In many cases, websites today don’t offer that experience. The reason is that a simple grab and install template was used for the website which isn’t always the best answer.

Website Design Considerations

Good website design isn’t cheap. It is however an expense that can be justified and will pay for itself rapidly. And in the long run will offer you advantages that most business owners don’t consider.

Custom Web Design

Most do-it-yourself or self proclaimed webmasters who start a website, whether for business or personal reasons choose a pre-made template. Buying a template that is ready made allows them to create their website quickly and sometimes fast. This is often acceptable for a personal site, or even perhaps for an affiliate site. For a business, it’s probably not going to give you what you need.

The problem is that quick and easy is a great way to tie your shoes, but not necessarily how you get the best website for your business. Using a pre-made template to create your site probably isn’t your best option in comparison to having a theme and function designed specifically for you, based on what is important for your company.

Custom Web Design or Template Design vs Premade Templates

Custom web design is far less limiting than a template, it’s basically limitless. This is true whether your site has a content management system such as WordPress or not.

While we say that templates are not the best method, we should qualify that because they do provide the ease of use that you’re looking for. They are quite literally a wrap-around design. In most cases they are, for all intents and purposes, a predefined placeholder for your images and content. The templates that are the least desirable are the cookie cutter variety that provide very little customization and isn’t tailored to the needs of the business owner or the individual requirements of the business.

Five reasons to go with custom web design:

  • Thousands of people will not have the exact design that you do, meaning that your site and your business is seen as unique and individual. With custom web design you can stand out and be different.
  • A custom web design looks at the needs of the company and purpose of the website and is designed for that specifically.
  • The pre-made templates often use plugins to make them work with WordPress, Joomla or other content management systems. Custom web design or theme can be made to work naturally with the CMS code, giving you a far more secure environment.
  • In many cases, premade templates have been proven to have errors that can cost you search engine ranking. They can be slower than a custom web design developed properly and don’t always offer the same value. A skilled website developer can code the site that is very attractive to search engines and they usually rank more rapidly and have a faster load time.

In many cases, premade templates offer footer links or other undesirable aspects that you are unable to change. Some paid templates even require you to link back to the site of the designer. This is seen as amateur in many instances and the overall back link strategy may cost you in website rankings too.

What About the Cost?

The cost of a custom web designed site, but the value is typically always higher. In light of the fact that your company will stand out online will be a big benefit and your company site will have better conversions for visitors. The cost of the custom design may pay for itself with your first new customer and higher ranking.

Custom web design has some very real advantages over using a pre-made template that may not be all that your business needs. Sit down with a professional web designer and go over what your business really needs to showcase your products or services. You’ll immediately see why a custom web design is your best option.

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