Customer Loyalty – Why Should Customers Choose You?

We have to consider that each day, both our current and potential clients are looking at our company and wondering “why should I choose you?” Customer Loyalty

The basics of marketing means you must understand how to differentiate your business from your competitors. It is perfectly logical to go down this path — if you cannot tell your customers what makes your business different, whether it is in terms of what you sell, how you market it or why you are doing business in the first place, then all there is left that is different would be the price. And that means they go with the cheapest – always.

Think about it from a real business perspective. Would you rather take the time to figure out from your target audience’s perspective how you are different or would you simply settle for just having the lowest price?

It all depends on your business, right? We all see Walmart having great success just by having the lowest prices. However, if you do not want to constantly be in a price war with your competitors, then you must go back to truly understanding how your business is different and what niche you fit into that helps you create that distinction. There is where you will find true customer loyalty.

You don’t have to have everyone’s business, just so long as you reach your target market with the right message at the right time. Here are some questions you can ask to help you figure out what sets you apart from your competition:

If your company disappeared tomorrow, what would be missed most of all?

With regard to your company, what do you feel passionate about?

What business is your company in?

What business is your company not in?

List three adjectives that best describe your company.

What type of people would benefit from your company’s products or services the most?

How do you prioritize your customers?

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