Digital Advertising Set to Be a Critical Element of the Marketing Landscape in 2017

Digital Advertising

Digital media is being consumed at an incredible rate, to the point where a significant portion of any marketing audience will come from digital devices. While print and television mediaadvertising still lead in total market spending, in 2017, it is expected that we will see up to $41.9 billion spent on mobile advertising, according to Gartner research.

According to many sources, such as a recent report from BI Intelligence, mobile will be the biggest digital advertising market, taking the lion’s share of interactions with audiences. This is in line with trends that have been seen in recent years, such as mobile online search eclipsing queries coming from traditional desktop machines.

For advertisers and companies wishing to expand their markets, mobile advertising will be critical, but it is the specific aspects of digital advertising that will need to be understood. Traditional techniques like SEO and impression or pay per click advertising will still be important, but they shouldn’t be the entirety of a company’s marketing strategy. For businesses to make the biggest impact, video advertising could be added to the mix to gain an edge.

Video and Programmatic Buying

Video will be the fastest growing area of digital advertising in 2017, and will continue to grow in the coming years. On YouTube, the world’s largest video distribution platform, advertising revenues will total $3.5 billion in 2017. By 2018, Google will grow that revenue to just under $4 billion. If a company like Google is generating this kind of revenue from just a single content platform, it’s a strong indicator that video advertising is something that should be taken seriously.

The biggest innovation happening in the industry today, is programmatic buying. In simple terms, this means that the buying of ads is going to become automated through the use of machine learning and automation. With the right data sets, programmatic buying will make it easier for businesses to advertise on leading platforms, and both the ad transactions and the actual advertisements will become more efficient. Of course, for this approach to work, data needs to be of the highest integrity so that advertisers can reach the demographics that they’re targeting. Large companies are already investing heavily in internal programmatic ad buying, but for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), getting on board can be more of a challenge.

How Will Small and Medium Businesses Take Advantage of Market Developments?

While it is relatively easy for a small business owner to understand what is happening with digital advertising in the mobile and video content spaces, they’ll still need the right marketing partners to be able to create advertising content and have it deployed on relevant platforms.

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