Does Email Marketing Still Work?

why-your-businesses-should-embrace-email-marketingSo, does email marketing still work? YES! Email marketing is one of the best and most promising methods of getting your message out to the people who want and need to see it. The problem is that getting people to give up their email these days can seriously cut into your time and require a great deal of energy.

People are sick of getting email that they don’t want to the tune of several thousand a day. Add to that the new laws that are in play now as well as restrictions in other areas and you’ll get why so many people have given up the very thing that can make them the most money.

How Profitable is Email Marketing?

When done correctly, that old adage “the money is in the list.” is still true. Your email marketing can be as profitable in many cases as your sales website. The problem is that many people don’t do it correctly and when the don’t , the result is that your products don’t sell and your name is mud.

Email Marketing Rules.

The changes in online marketing are more than just minor. Regardless of what you’re doing, the rules by which you’re doing it have changed dramatically. The penalties for accomplishing things incorrectly can be rigid. In some cases they will amount to no more than a loss of your website, your livelihood and your money. In other cases they can rack up fines in the thousands of dollars and may actually cost you jail time and earn you a record.

One of the things which has changed is email marketing. Where once it was the powerhouse of the internet and the major saying was, the money is in the list, today that is only true if the list building and the email marketing are correctly and legally accomplished.

Email marketing laws have changed.

The Can Spam Act which was passed into law in the United States in order to proved the means for people to halt the email influx from marketers has some specifically requirements for email marketing and provides for specific penalties if these methods are not strictly adhered to.

In spite of the name, the Can SPam Act doesn’t just cover email that is sent it bulk. It also covers individual commercial messages–that is to say any message that offers information about a product or service. This means that you are going to have to be very careful with the email that you send out. The specific requirements are that the emails must not be false or misleading in the header, they must not use a subject line that is deceptive, you must offer your personal location and you must immediately identify your message as an advertisement.

Whats the Bottom Line?

In light of all of the things that are different about email marketing, one of the best things that you can do for yourself if you’re still interested in reaping the rewards that email marketing can offer is to get thee hence and find a campaign manager and a marketing company to give you a hand with all of those things.

While email marketing is hugely profitable, if it’s done incorrectly–and make no mistake, many companies will do it incorrectly, it reflects badly on you in a big way. Just because the tools are out there to let you maintain a list and to send out regular emails to your list members doesn’t mean that you’re doing it correctly and it doesn’t mean that you’re an email marketer.

If you wouldn’t try DIY surgery, why would you try to send out your own marketing campaign when the good name of your business could depend on it?

Hire a Professional!

Professional campaign managers and email marketers have a few things that the rest of us don’t. Professional sales campaign writers who are going to create text for you that pays off in a big way and a great deal of experience in the best way to set up a campaign to make money for your company while saving time in the process.

If your email campaign is correctly accomplished the result could be amazing and the rewards infinite. When done incorrectly, the results could be a big fine and a big headache. The next time you’re considering an email campaign, consider an expert to handle it for you.


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