Doing Your Own SEO Can Ruin Your Business

It can be difficult for small businesses to secure a foothold on the leaderboards of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and if you do it yourself, DIY SEO can be harmful to your business.


Fort Lauderdale SEO, DIY SEOWhen you’re running a small business you want to get everything right. From your market research, to your unique product and service offerings, everything should be carefully planned and executed, to ensure that you’re successful and can grow your market share. To achieve this, your online presence will be critical, and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, will be a significant aspect of building your presence and developing leads.

You’ve probably performed research on SEO as you planned your business. You may even know a little about the techniques used to improve your search engine rankings. Even knowing this, the fact is that if you get some aspects of SEO wrong, you can cause significant damage to your business, to the point where it would be extremely costly to restore your online presence. When it comes to DIY SEO, you need to understand the risks, which will clearly illustrate why it is best to hire Fort Lauderdale SEO professionals for your company.

What Happens When You Get SEO Wrong?

When SEO is done right, the rewards are numerous. You will enjoy high search rankings in engines like Google and Bing. You will receive more traffic to your webpages, which will help you to fill your sales funnel. SEO even works to naturally grow your brand through exposure and high quality content and marketing copy. However, when SEO doesn’t work, you will face a whole new set of challenges.

The most obvious impact of a failed SEO strategy is that you will end up in search engine obscurity. In most cases, any ranking that is beyond the first page of results will significantly limit your exposure. Studies have shown that fewer than 6% of consumers will browse past the first page of search results. Because more than half of the world’s search queries are performed by busy users on mobile devices, it is even more important that you are able to achieve a first page search ranking.

Even if you are able to learn some of the techniques of SEO, and achieve a high ranking for some keywords, you might not see an increase in traffic or conversions. Why? Because inexperienced business owners will often have difficulty identifying the right keywords for their niche in the market. Without the proper research, you could end up making a significant time investment in a misguided DIY SEO strategy. Meanwhile, your business won’t grow and you will still have all of your overheads. Many small businesses will find it extremely difficult to come back from a situation like this, further highlighting the fact that you need a reputed Fort Lauderdale SEO company to develop and implement your strategy.

DIY SEO comes with a significant amount of risk. If you follow bad advice, or even if you make simple mistakes in the coding of your website, you could be hit with severe penalties from search engines. Penalties mean that your search ranking will drop, or in some cases your page may even be deindexed. The effort required to undo these mistakes is significantly more than doing the SEO right, the first time around. If you have no prior experience with content strategy, writing for SEO, and developing a website, then the risks are significantly higher. Even if you have some transferrable skills, search engine optimization is a constantly evolving discipline that requires learning and upskilling to stay on top of search engine algorithm changes. If you had to focus on becoming an expert in SEO, your core business would suffer. Is it worth your time, and can you afford to neglect other aspects of your business? For small businesses and startup companies, the answer would be no.

As just one example where you could go wrong, let’s take a look at link building. In SEO, links are used to develop traffic and create digital relationships between your site, and other high ranking sites that are relevant or complementary to your niche. If you were going the DIY SEO route, it would be difficult to judge where you should put your content and your links. Link from a site with poor reputation, or place too many links in a short space of time, and you will be penalized by engines like Google and Bing. Not only would you have spent hours building these links and developing relevant content for the external sites, but you would then have to go back, identify the links that are damaging you, and rethink the whole strategy. What happens to your business while you are taking care of this? It should be clear at this point, that if you have limited knowledge and expertise of professional SEO strategies, then it is time to bring in the experts.

A Professional SEO Company that Delivers Results

At BMGcreative, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in your situation, and have helped them all to succeed. Because we’re Fort Lauderdale SEO and marketing professionals, we know exactly what it takes to achieve top search rankings, using techniques that won’t result in penalties that negatively impact your online presence. SEO is not a core aspect of your business, but for us, it is. This means that we have the resources and the knowledge to implement a strategy that will help you to achieve your goals.

Don’t expose your business to the risks of ineffective DIY SEO. Talk to us today about where you are taking your business, and we will help to get you there with proven techniques that save you time and even money, in the long term.