Don’t Make Your Email Marketing Leads Hate YOU!

email marketingSo, you have your email marketing strategy all planned out and ready to go. You feel that your email design and content are perfect and will bring in all sorts of business, right?  If you don’t want to experience the painful feeling of alienating those leads you fought so hard to get, think over these key factors before hitting the send button!

Make it Simple!
When you have a lead that is about to convert you need to make sure it is as simple as can be for them to grab the offer they are acting on. They likely just spent time filling out your landing page contact form, so the least we marketers need to do is make it as straight forward and simple as possible.  One factor to think about while doing this is to make everything glaringly obvious to the user.  This will ensure your new lead will have a good first impression of your company and be able to get to your deal as soon as possible.

Don’t Fill Up Their Inbox
So now you have their email address, that means you should cloud up their inbox all day every day…right? They gave you their address, didn’t they?  Isn’t that what they want?  NO!  Developing the correct email frequency can be some what difficult.  If you do it too much they will un-subscribe, if you do it too little they will forget about you.  This is where knowing your audience comes in handy.  Getting to know your audience can help you time your email frequency, the right time of day when they might be free to really read your email, rather than just skimming over it.  You want to create timely emails with valuable information.  It is one thing to send out an email once or twice a day during the week, but have if you have completely irrelevant information to provide, no one wins.  Keep it consistent and keep it informative.  If you aren’t getting responses from your email marketing take that as a sign to try something different. Testing different designs and content can bring you more success.

Take Your Time
When a lead is in the final stages of conversion, take your time to follow up.  This will not hurt you in any way, this will actually help you!  By doing this you are building up anticipation and giving your lead more time to think about what is about to happen.  Add links to your conversion that allow them to share on social media sites what they bought, or even let them share their email for other sales opportunities with their own email contacts – the possibilities are endless!  Once you are ready to follow up, be overly nice and even somewhat cheesy if you want. You want to make them feel special and live up to all their expectations.

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