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The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

If email marketing isn’t driving your business, you are not deploying it correctly. It shouldn’t, of course, be the sole source of advertising for your organization, but when done properly, it will drive an awful lot of potential customers your way. So let’s take a quick look at the things you should be doing to make your email marketing more effective.


Acknowledging a potential clients interest in your business
The first thing to take on board is the importance of sending out acknowledgement emails. If a business expresses interest in your product or service offer, it’s important to acknowledge that interest. Orders don’t just simply turn up out of the blue. Not unless they’re from regular customers.


When a potential new client contacts you, you must show them that you recognize they have made contact and that you care. It’s amazing that only 26% of top businesses actually do send out confirmations or acknowledgements. They are missing out on huge extra business potential.


Letting a potential customer know that you realize and care they have contacted you does two things, It tells them that you are on the ball, and it helps to build a layer of trust. We guarantee that if you set this up, you will see an immediate improvement in business relations.


Include a call to action in your marketing emails
You’re missing an important trick if you fail to include a call to action in your marketing emails. According to Wordstream, including a call to action at the end of your business emails increases clicks by a mammoth 371% and your order intake rate by an enormous 1,617%. Calls to action are essential.


Get the content right
You must ensure that any business email you send out has the right content to achieve the result you want. You must also make sure that the content you construct is appropriate to the recipient of your email.


You also need to take care that your emails are engaging and informative. A boring advertisement will simply end up in the potential client’s bin.


The time you send business emails is important
It may be something you haven’t thought about before, but according to Hubspot, the best time to send your marketing emails out is 11 AM. Okay, this could change according to the industry you operate within, but generally speaking, emails sent out at this time stand a better chance of being responded to.


Create compelling subject lines
Each business email that you send out needs to have a captivating subject line or header. A lot of emails with poor subject lines simply never get opened, or if they do and the header doesn’t fire the imagination, it gets binned. Take a quick look at 29 effective subject lines that Hubspot posted on the website.


Get personal
Personalizing an email also has a significant impact on the opening success rate. Again, using Hubspot as a source, it is said that personalizing an email gives it a 17.6% chance of being read as opposed to only 11.4% on non-personalizes emails.


Optimizing emails for opening on mobile phones
It’s key that your emails are formatted for mobile phones. As much as 54% of emails are opened on mobiles. If you fail to make them mobile friendly you are ignoring a huge chunk of your potential client pool.
Mobile optimization is not a difficult thing to do. You can either purchase customized mobile optimization design kits or use standard templates.


Use images sparingly
Images can have an impact, but only when used in moderation. The important thing with any business marketing email is the quality of its content from a word point of view. Images are meant to enhance not distract. Don’t over overcook it.


Be clear and concise
Just going back to the image thing for a moment, they are said to be worth a thousand words. Well, you don’t need a thousand words. Any business email that is too long will simply turn the recipient off.
The best way to get your message read is to construct it in a clear and concise manner. Don’t be too wordy.


Sure to improve your results
If you follow these tips in creating your business marketing email campaigns you are sure to improve your results.