Ecommerce Web Design

ecommerce graphic designDo you have a product to sell online? Whether you’ve been selling on Ebay, Amazon, in a retail store, or even on your own ecommerce site, chances are there are upgrades that can be made not just to improve the appearance of your store, but actually increase sales. The art of ecommerce web design is just that, an art. There’s more to an effective ecommerce website than just providing a great product at reasonable prices. In fact, the number one reason many customers say they don’t even end up checking out on ecommerce sites frankly has nothing to do with the product itself or even the price. The reason most people will leave you site and not complete a purchase is because the shopping experience was either too difficult to understand or they were unable to shop in a timely manor and find what they’re looking for quickly.

User experience

Many of your customers want the convenience of shopping online, but the personal experience of shopping in a store. Things like large search bars, easy to navigate menus, live chat help, and the ability to save their cart are all things that a good ecommerce web designer will take into consideration when building your online store. Customers want large photos, inviting presentations, and an easy to use experience while shopping on an ecommerce website.

No two are exactly alike

Depending on your products and the demographic of customers who’ll be shopping for your product different designs and layouts will work better than others. For example if you walked into a shoe store that happens to sell a few hats on the side, you wouldn’t place the few small racks of hats at the front of your store to block the view of the more expensive shoes that are your best selling products. Well, you shouldn’t do the same on your website either. Some ecommerce website designs should offer sales and put them right in the face of users. While brands that are geared toward luxury products may not want to offer sales at all.

Each ecommerce website design should be different and understanding your products and your customers is the best way for us to create a custom ecommerce website design that will sell more products. A well-designed store sells more products and so will a well-designed web store. Call BMGcreative today and get a quote on an ecommerce re-design or on an entirely new website.

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