Four Common Branding Mistakes Every Company Should Avoid


With a powerful brand, your business will have one of the most important assets needed for success. For many entrepreneurs, developing a brand is one of the highest priorities in the early days of a business. In your own case, focusing on branding now will allow you to reach your business goals in the long term.

It will be essential that you use the best techniques to develop your brand, but it’s equally important that you also know what you shouldn’t do when you’re starting out.

For any small business or startup, these are the branding mistakes that you need to avoid.

Skimping on Your Logo

Your company logo will have a huge influence on brand recognition, so it’s something that you need to take a lot of time to consider, and you shouldn’t try to skimp on the costs when it comes to designing your logo. While it’s possible to purchase logo designs for as little as $5 – $10, the fact is that if you want something unique, recognizable, and relevant to your business, then you’re going to need to make a larger investment. You should hire a designer that is able to understand your business and translate your message into a simple and relevant graphic that will be appealing and recognizable for your audience.

Choosing Visuals That Don’t Relate to Your Business

A unified visual theme should be present throughout all of your online and printed collateral. Colors and graphics should be related to an overall theme that represents your business. Remember that colors can evoke an emotional response in people, so you’ll want to choose colors and visual themes that complement your company as a whole. Don’t be afraid to seek consultation from expert marketers and graphic designers while you plan your visuals for use across all content delivery and marketing platforms.

Not Protecting Your Company with a Trademark

Plenty of companies have invested time, sweat, tears, and money into their brand, only to feel the pain of losing all that effort through another company intentionally or unintentionally overshadowing that brand with their own similar trademark. Never start investing into your brand until you have ensured that your name and logo is unique, and that you have trademarked all relevant intellectual properties.

Neglecting Your Online Presence or Publishing Poor Content

Your online presence will be one of the most important drivers of growth for your business. Up to 80% of consumers now use a smart phone or tablet device for purchases and brand research, so if you fail to create a strong online presence, you’re going to lose much of your exposure potential. Even if you’re not planning to use ecommerce as a sales channel, you can still use your online presence to market and grow your brand. You’re going to need strong content, and you’ll need to think about relevant social media platforms that can be used to support your brand.

Finding the Right Partners to Grow Your Brand Through Marketing

The entrepreneurial journey is as exciting as it is challenging, and if you want to get the best results, then it pays to partner with marketing experts who can help you to achieve your full growth potential, through effective channels that are appropriate to your audience and your business.

BMG Creative can offer expert brand consulting, and is the ideal company to help you grow your business, no matter where you are with your current marketing strategy. With services that range from custom web design to brand message and brand strategy, we can provide the talent that you need to get ahead.

Let’s talk today and get your business on the best path to success.