Good Web Design Vs. Templates

A good web design is key when it comes to any company who wants to be taken seriously. Your website design or the “look” of your website sends a message to your online visitors (and potential customers) – and that could lead to a very positive outcome or a very negative one if your design isn’t up to par. Users on the internet today view the quality of a company’s website as a direct correlation to the quality of the company itself. An unprofessional website may cause people to think your company is unprofessional or untrustworthy. A great web design, however – one that is modern, user friendly, and easy to navigate – tells online visitors that you care about their experience on your website and you want to earn their business. Your website and its overall design should instill trust and be professional above all else!

Your company could be an all-star company for current customers, but to the masses out on the vast plains of the internet, a bad web design (or a website template that has been used over and over again) could have them searching elsewhere. Sometimes our clients do ask us if we would use a template to cut costs. Our answer is simple: No. It may be cheaper upfront and seem like an easy solution, however, it is not unique to your needs and can cause problems in the long run. And think about it: Do you want your company’s competitor or some other company down the street to have a website that looks just like yours? Because the bottom line is that anyone could buy the same template. Not only that, but who is to say that you will find a template that suits all the needs of your company and deliver a clear message to users about what it is your company is about? With a custom website design built just for your needs, you are guaranteed to have a site unlike any other that pushes your company to new heights.

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