Good Web Page Design That Appeals to Your Target Audience

To make a good web page design takes skill and talent. It’s not only about demonstrating what your company can do, it’s an art and a science. It takes a keen eye to map out the right direction for your potential customer to follow when it comes to navigating your pages. You want them to be able to conform, jump a series of hurdles, see what you want them to see.

1- Placement
Where you put things on a good web page design whether articles, links, photos, ads – You have to place them in key positions, the reader stresses its not good when he has to try. Don’t make him search over under and through your good web page design. Have it out in the open.. There is no patience online. If they don’t find exactly what they want, the first time, they’ll go somewhere else. He will try to find what he’s looking for, but if you have a bunch of random links or ads blocking the way he will lose interest and leave.

2-Composition and Perception
What people think of your good web page design – It’s important to have a clean, crisp layout. Sharp font is key. If readers have to squint their eyes to see your text it’s not good. Contrasting is important too. Have main content visibly illuminated over lesser important objects. Always try to have main text as in articles as a black or darker color. That way they can gaze across your good web page design without hassle.

3-Organizing, Distance Between Objects
User friendly, good web page design – Flashy objects, font choice, bolding, photos, italicizing, and bright colors is fun but too much is unhealthy for your good web page design. To make a good web page design is to make it simple, very simple. You have a mission, not to let the user think. Have the text for articles in a single place. Links to other good web pages in their peripherals. Only have photos that are ON TOPIC in your good web page design. If you have a big, bright red arrow pointing at something, where will the user look? There are many other things more attractive than just plain text. Organize your good web page design to where it’s easy and simple to find what you’re looking for.

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