Getting Started With Google One Today-Social Networking for NonProfits from Google

Google One Today
Getting Started with Google One Today

Google Non Profits has recently opened a new way to get noticed and a innovative way with which to raise funding for your non profit. With some minor restrictions as to which non profits may become involved, Google is now inviting new or aged nonprofit companies to create their own projects and to register to use One Today. One today is the ultimate in fund raising by the use of social media and social networking campaigns.

Social networking, as we all know, is a very powerful way to make a statement today about your products and services. It can be equally as helpful for those things which you want to promote and to ensure that people who will donate can find and view the things that you have done and desire to do for the world around you. One Today makes it easier to accomplish those things by putting your non profit in front of the people who will help you to accomplish your goals.

What is Google One Today and How Can it be Useful to You?

One today is a mobile application that permits your non profit group to build and to feature different campaigns or projects for which you need funds.

The idea behind One Today is that your company can benefit greatly and your customers and those who donate can make a vast impact by just donating one dollar a day.. which is where the name, One Today comes from. Whether your non profit provides laptops for children or nursing care for adults, you can use One Today to help spread the word about your non profit and to find ways to fund your activities or services.

How Does it Work for Those Who Donate?

One Today is only available on Android and the parties who use it to donate to your project or service will be sent a receipt after their donation is made. Those who donate more than 250 USD will even be credited with a tax deduction via the certificate that they get from Network for Good at the end of the year.

Getting Started with One Today

In order to use One Today for your own nonprofit, just a few simple steps will get you started on your way to receiving funding and notice by the use of the application. Getting started is as easy as filling out the application and setting up projects in the One Today area.

Filling out an application to be included in the One Today app is easy. Typically just your non profit designation and your number can be used to find out whether or not you qualify for adding your project to Google for Nonprofits and hence to One Today.

Fundraising is easier with One Today. For non profits to get started you must be a member of Google for Non profits. You’ll have access not just to One Today, but also to Google Grants and many other perks for non profit groups.

Your approval normally comes to you in a day or two and allows you to connect with the people who are most intersted in your projects and your causes. One dollar can make a big difference in your world, particularly when those one dollar donations come to you by way of social networking users who are spreading the news about your cause. Lower the cost of your nonprofit advertising and reach the people who can help you most with One Today for Google nonprofits.

Sign up today and find out what One Today can do for you!


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