Google One Today, Where Social Networking and Environmental and Social Responsibility Meet

Google One TodayToday with so many good causes and so many things that require our attention, finding the best non profit to which we’d like to donate is becoming more difficult. Information overload is the order of the day if you simply search out a non profit or a cause online.In many cases the information is not entirely correct and we may end up donating to causes which are not as legitimate as we might wish them to be.

Non profits usually enter the field because the owner or developer of the group or organization feels a sense of social responsibility that compels them to make a change in the world. The combination of social responsibility and social netoworking is one that could be a powerful force for good in the world. Google, recognizing this, has developed a new application that combines the two.

Today, social networking is one way in which you can use your online presence to raise awareness and to raise funds. Google One Today is a new mobile application that can assist you in the promotion of your cause and help your company to raise money for your non profit in new and very innovative ways.

What is the Cost?

Your membership in One Today is free and the registration process is rapidly accomplished. Users of the One Today application are offered new causes every day that will help them to find non-profits in which they are interested and which address causes dear to their heart. Users invite friends into One Today donations by the use of social media. The Google user can then promote their causes via other social networking sites and invite their friends or family to donate as well.

Who Is Eligible?

There are some restrictions as to what kind of entities are eligible for inclusion in Google One Today. Those non profits which are involved in schooling,such as nursery schools and day care, as well as private schools, along with most medical or health care facilities and nursing or home health care services may not apply to become involved in One Today. Most other non profit entities are eligible to become involved in One Today to increase the awareness of what they do and why they do it.

How Do You Apply?

Application is easily accomplished. In most cases, the approval is done in hours rather than in days or weeks, which may be the case in some online venues.

What Do You Gain?

Social Networking can help you to gain ground and to support the cause that you have chosen to make your own. Promotion of your non profit is far easier when it is part of an application that is downloaded thousands, if not millions of times and shared across a wide range of social networking sites. Your time online will be better spent and your fund raising dollars will go further when you raise funds and using methods which are free of charge.

You can see a broad and rapid expansion of your user base and increase your donations more rapidly when you usesocial networking methods. Your product and your project will be seen by more people in more areas when you use One Today.

In a world where social networking is used more than five times a day by people of all ages, engaging your target audience through an exciting new social media application makes good sense for you and your non profit.


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