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Ecommerce Website, Social Media, SEO

GripStrip® is a Canadian company that produces easy to install stair trends for outdoor and indoor use. They approached BMG for an Ecommerce Website so they could sell their products worldwide and not be dependent on Amazon and a few other distribution channels for sales.

Being a Canadian company, they were looking to build brand awareness in the US. They engaged us to manage both their SEO and social media presence. Over a period of just a few months, we had 10 keywords ranking in a google search that never ranked before and improved rankings of 8 other keywords, 3 of which were in the #1 position. We also provided a very relevant & brand organic feed to build a community of followers and educate on uses of the product.



April 19, 2020

BMGcreative - GRIPSTRIP® Social Media
BMGcreative - GripStrips ® Web Mockup