How to Write the Perfect Online Ad – Five Tips to Excellent PPC Ads

Pay-per-click-advertisingYour pay per click campaign will fail if you don’t have an effective, well-written ad. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend researching keywords or how little competition you have in your niche. Your PPC ads must speak to searchers or they are going to scroll down the page rather than clicking your link.

You can find a lot of information about writing the perfect PPC ads online and in some books, but you probably don’t have the time to search out those resources and give them the attention they deserve. Bypass the work and pay attention to these five simple tips guaranteed to make your ad more effective.

1. Don’t use overly complicated words.

Stick with simple terms that most people will understand without too much thought. You want them to process what you have to say quickly and click without pondering the message in detail. Your content can fill them in on all the details and give them the technical terms if they are important, but you want your ad to be easily understood regardless of the education level or intelligence of the reader. You want to reach everyone within your market.

2. Use words that will appeal to the emotional side of your readers.

Put your personal touch on your ads so that your readers feel you are speaking right to them. Let them know that you understand their problem or know what information they need. Feeling words will help them make that decision to click your link. If your words just seem like words on a screen directed at nobody in particular, searchers will likely scroll past for an ad they relate to more.

3. Use your keywords in the proper context and focus on their deeper meaning. What is the message behind your keywords? Why are they important?

4. Tell searchers what you want them to do.

Let searchers know what your site has to offer, and then deliver a concise call to action. Someone reading the ad should not have to guess at what you need them to do. If you ask, you are far more likely to receive.

5. Keep abbreviations and punctuation to a minimum.

If you don’t need to cut words short, don’t do it. For example, you might spell out search engine optimization rather than using SEO. You may state that you sell Xbox 360 games rather than just stating that you sell games. The more specific and detailed you are, the more likely a reader is to quickly understand your point and take action.

Once you start applying these writing tips to your PPC ads, you will see what a difference they make in your campaigns. They can easily triple your click through rate if you successfully apply them all in every ad you write. Find an ad that is struggling right now and rewrite it according to these tips. You should see a dramatic difference in results.

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