The Importance of Taglines

Importance of TaglinesTaglines, when done well, are an important tool in your branding strategy. While they may not be completely necessary for every brand and every business, if you are considering the use of a tagline, here is a little bit of information about what they do for your marketing:

– A good tagline communicates your brand promise is a catchy, memorable way
– Taglines remind you, and the rest of your staff, of what your brand represents and creates accountability
– They give potential customers an indicator of what kind of experience they can expect when dealing with your company

Unless you have a really good tagline, don’t use one at all. A good tagline is a lot more than just being clever with words. It is as personal as a signature and should, in seven words or less, communicate a clear message of your brand.

The importance of taglines should not be overlooked when you are planning your brand strategy, but you should keep in mind that MANY successful brands do not use one at all! If you are exploring the use of a tagline for your business, run your ideas by us – We’d be glad to discuss it over coffee and tell you what we think 🙂