Why does it matter if I have a mobile friendly website design?

Mobile Friendly Website Design, do I need it?

A very popular trend, to this day is smart phones. iPhones, Androids, blackberrys – everyone has one. So why is it important to have a mobile friendly website design?

People are always moving, never stopping. If a reader is in the car or out to dinner and wants to gaze over one of your articles, or a potential client is looking at your mobile friendly website design to find business information they should be able to do so with ease. They won’t always have a computer with them. It’s a habit for them to pull it up on their smartphone.

If they can only read your website through a laptop or a desktop, it is frustrating to your online visitor. It will cause them to immediately leave your site and go elsewhere. If you haven’t integrate your mobile friendly website design or updated your website to have a mobile responsive design, it’s likely for you to lose business.

1- Graphics
It’s important when designing your mobile website to have all devices in mind. Not everyone may have an iPhone. Different manufacturers or older models may not be able to handle graphics that you normally would on a monitor. Some smartphones may have 150×150 pixel density, while newer ones may have 1080p. A perk is that most newer smart phones may be able to handle a full website. But you would want to still keep basic imagery, few popups and low movement. That way even with some smartphones that have basic html capabilities, when viewing your website, it can still look great and function as it should.

2- Size
Mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger but they still aren’t the size of a desktop or laptop monitor. Also they are not as wide as most computer screens, so it’s important to keep your mobile friendly website design as a smaller easier to read version. Some phones, like blackberrys, have track pads which can have an affect on the size of the screen so it would be likely for the phone to resize the picture. That could make your mobile friendly website design look unprofessional and mashed-up. It’s good to always keep a basic, easy-to-read format when planning a mobile friendly website design.

3- Composition
The content you decide to put on your mobile friendly website design has to be simple and uncluttered. If a mobile viewer is reading your website but there is a mess of pictures and pop-ups, they would be frustrated and leave the site. Try to only have essential content on your mobile friendly website design. That way mobile viewers won’t have a problem browsing around on your web pages and getting the information they need.

If you decide to make a mobile friendly website design it’s important to have the viewer in mind. What would you want to see on mobile websites?

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