Creating Fake Reviews Will Ruin Your Reputation

Why online reputation management is essential in building a lasting client base.


online reputation managmentOnline reputation management can be a tricky process. Besides the fact that reputation management can be highly involving, there is also the challenge of setting expectations with a client, while defining what good reputation management is.

One of the most common misconceptions of reputation management is that it is based around posting fabricated reviews and testimonials online. This is not true.


We Will Never Create Fake Reviews for You

True reputation management, and the most effective kind, is the balanced act of managing your online presence by actively promoting a positive image and changing the way that consumers look at your business. Reputation management specialists understand how consumers search for you, and what influences their decision making process. By promoting the right image for your company, as well as responding to and managing any negative content, you are able to build a strong reputation based on high integrity and transparency.

Let’s take a look at how it works.


The Basics of Reputation Management

Reputation management is about promotion and engagement. Effective content is essential for your reputation management and so is honest and meaningful dialogue with your audience.

Some of the most popular platforms for the distribution of your content will include

  • Social Media accounts
  • Blog posts (guest posting and your own blog posts)
  • Online reviews and testimonials
  • Online forums relevant to your niche
  • Press releases

Online reviews and testimonials can be posted on behalf of your customers; however, it is essential that they are legitimate. The potential damage that can be caused when fake reviews are exposed is not worth the short-time gain in reputation.


Owner Versus User Generated Content

Any content that you produce will be valuable to improving your reputation, but it is the content that directly engages consumers that will be the most effective. Our agency encourages businesses to communicate with their market on the most relevant platforms. For example, if there is a particular online forum or social network group where your market talks about you and your competitors’ products, it is beneficial to build a presence in that community. The aim is not to aggressively promote your offerings but rather to establish yourself as an authoritative brand, and one that consumers can trust. Staying active in these communities will also allow you to respond and perform damage control on any negative content that is posted by consumers.

User content can be positive or negative. It is important to understand that you will never have total control over what your clients post online, which is a key reason why reputation management exists in the first place. Your approach to user content can be both proactive and reactive. You can be proactive by delivering an exceptional customer experience. You can react to negative impressions by repairing relationships with consumers or presenting your own side of the story. Responding appropriately to negative impressions will significantly boost your reputation, as it shows consumers that you are willing to engage and ensure that their needs and concerns are taken care of.


Search Results Have a Major Impact on Your Reputation

Search for your company online. What are the most popular results? Do you see positive reviews and consumer impressions? Understanding how consumers find your business is critical to developing a strong reputation. If a potential client is bombarded by negative impressions when searching for you, it is less likely he will choose to do business with you. Producing powerful content, that is high ranking and positive, can help to offset any negative impressions.

Generating positive reviews can be as simple as including an optional testimonial form with any completed sale or interaction. Capturing these impressions, while also asking for permission to post them on their behalf, allows you to build a repository of legitimate reviews to use in reputation management.

An effective campaign will implement the best strategies to build a strong reputation for your new business and improve the online reputation of your existing company.


Continuous Management for Sustained Growth

We will work with you to assess your reputation management needs while determining the best strategy to grow your reputation in the future. With figures indicating that over 90% of consumers will research your company online, you simply can’t afford to ignore your reputation.

Let’s face it; your company won’t go anywhere if it is perceived poorly by your target market. Honesty and integrity is the best way to establish a good reputation. A professionally-led campaign will boost your reputation by releasing targeted content and positive reviews through all of your available channels while also addressing negative reviews and restoring consumer confidence in your brand. The approach will be search engine friendly and can improve your overall online presence. More exposure means more interactions, and a strong online reputation will mean you receive more leads for your business.


Talk to us to begin the process of reputation management today, and enjoy real growth benefits in your business.