Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click

pay per clickThe most common question we get as internet marketers is, “Which is better? SEO or PPC.” While SEO is important for any long term internet marketing strategy and should be combined with any and every PPC campaign, Pay Per Click Advertising is much faster than traditional “organic SEO.” So, let’s explain the differences.

When someone visits a search engine, they type in a keyword and search for the product or service they’re looking for. When the search results are displayed, there are organic SEO results that Google believes are relevant and the paid search ads, also known as pay per click ads.

The Top of Google

So when people ask us if they can be at the top of Google, the answer is always YES, for a price of course. You may say that you don’t want to pay to be at the top of Google. But what if we told you not only could you appear at the top of Google for certain keywords, but you could even choose the locations of the users who will see these ads. That way you aren’t wasting time or money on customers that you can’t provide services to. Now, what if we took it even one step further and told you that you only need to pay for those ads once someone actually clicks on them and visits your website. With PPC advertising you can choose who sees your ads, where they are shown, and only pay each time someone clicks on the ad. This is why it’s called pay-per-click! PPC is the fastest and easiest way to get the right visitors to your website.

Fast Results

PPC is the fastest way to reach the right potential customers almost immediately through internet marketing. The other great reason to take advantage of PPC advertising is because chances are many of your competitors, especially the larger ones, are probably already using PPC as well. While major corporations spend millions a month on PPC advertising, with our expertise we can start with as little or as big of a budget as you want and still get the best ROI possible.

“If you need visitors to your website fast and you have a product or services with a specific target audience, PPC might be the best option for you.” – Grif Blackstone

At Blackstone Marketing we highly recommend using both traditional SEO and PPC at the same time. While SEO efforts will often help your PPC ads to be shown more frequently, and paying for PPC ads can often help you get ranked higher organically as well. As with many internet marketing strategies, no two businesses are the same and the best thing any business owner can do is take the first step. Call a PPC specialist at BMGcreative and we’ll create an Internet Marketing strategy designed just for you.