Published date : June 19, 2018

The Amazing Dog Stopper, a pet training product, came to BMGcreative to give their brand a professional overhaul and a custom Ecommerce website built for future growth.


The Amazing Dog Stopper is a training device to keep your pooch from running away from you. Safe and easy use for any dog under 50 pounds, they trotted through our front door in need of an overall update of brand image and website, which was in HTML format without the ability to process orders.


Using the client’s primary color scheme, we overhauled their logo, fonts, and graphics, giving it a modern feel and making it an attractive and retail-ready product. Their website now exudes a brand that is playful, with graphic elements from the wallpaper now being used in their packaging. On a personal level, we were able to keep Brandee, the face of their brand, as an integral part of the new look. Utilizing a platform from WooCommerce, online ordering is now a snap for the customer, and processing is a breeze for the owners.


The Amazing Dog Stopper brand now looks professional and credible both online and offline. The new packaging design presents the products in a playful way that catches the eye and engages potential customers. The new website allows the company to process payments and orders easily, efficiently on a reliable, secure platform.


Amazing Dog Stopper


Rebrand & Repackage



Logo Design

WordPress Website 

Ecommerce Website

Package Design

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