Published date : June 19, 2018

Chona Shears goes commerical


Chona Shears came to us due to our relationship as the exclusive Digital Media Agency of  Chona sells high-quality dog grooming products.  Made from Japanese steel, their tools and accessories are shipped globally, saving the hands of dog groomers everywhere.


Arriving to us with no brand to speak of and a logo made on a basic program with a basic font, we recreated colors, fonts, look, and feel for their logo and website, adding an ecommerce platform for processing orders.  With a catalog of over 100 different SKU’s, we provided technical support to organize the inventory on the website for easy customer search and ordering.  We also handle their social media platforms and have had posts go viral, due to the quality of our content and our knowledge of how to target the best audiences.


Chona Shears


Product Brand Strategy


E-Commerce Website


Social Media

Logo Design


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