Southeast Advancement Services New Website

Website Design for Southeast Advancement ServicesBMGcreative launched a new custom website design for their client, Southeast Advancement Services – a full service fundraising and nonprofit management firm.

Southeast Advancement Services had a need for a new strong online brand and professional presence to speak directly to potential new clients. With an average fundraising amount of $10 million and up, their website needed to reflect the same caliber of professionalism.

BMGcreative recommended a complete overhaul of the website to focus on more attention to detail, typography and upscale design. The website also needed to be hosted on a business class server where it could be found online and not hindered by the challenges that come with low-end hosting. The improved layout design and user experience enabled Southeast Advancement Services to effectively communicate to potential clients exactly what services they provided and their point of differentiation in the marketplace. Before the custom website redesign, there had been several missed opportunities on the old website where providing information such as case studies for strategic projects or testimonials to underscore how happy past clients are with their services. This was an important but overlooked area, as these value-add reference points help future potential participants feel confident in SAS’ service offering.

Before making their adjustments, the website was difficult to find in online search, there were errors on the website and it was not mobile friendly. BMGcreative knows a responsive website is essential to ensure everyone can access the website on any viewing device but that they also have a good user experience. This meant that the website needed to be rebuilt in RWD (Responsive Web Design) and a custom website was necessary to ensure easy navigation an effective communication. Blackstone implemented SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to resolve the issue of being found in online searches and fixed the typography to finish creating a clean and professional looking website.

BMGcreative built the new website using WordPress CMS (Content Management System) with a custom design that is above all else, professional and modern, in order to properly represent the brand to the company’s target users. When developed from scratch, not using templates and by professionals, WordPress has the ability to efficiently manage a huge amount of content and provides the flexibility to look amazing while providing a friendly user experience. Once the website was completed, BMGcreative provided Southeast Advancement Services’ staff with training on WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to ensure they would be able to make simple updates such as adding new images and editing text. Building the website in a WordPress CMS will allow the necessary flexibility to expand the site as needed for future growth and optimization.

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About BMGcreative:
BMGcreative is a full scale design and marketing firm in South Florida. Blackstone’s strategists, designers and developers work with each client to understand their specific business needs to create a custom solution that fits their brand and budget. BMGcreative is dedicated to the partners they do business and your best interests in mind when developing the strategic plan and website that works for you.

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