ReBranding process done correctly

Rebranding ProcessOn your path towards growth and success, it is important to evaluate the concepts and identity of who you are as an organization. Because your brand defines your company and what it represents, many organizations face difficulties when going through the rebranding process. You probably already know that your brand is the first impression people have of an experience with your company would be like. This means it is important not to lose focus on what you envision for your brand image, so your customers are clear on who you are and what you do. If you are at a point where you are analyzing your business and considering a rebranding strategy, starting fresh, and strategizing a new clean concept is the best way to get started to communicate clearly to your target audience.

Focus on these factors when strategizing your new brand image:

Define your organization in three words or less.

What are your company’s strengths?

What are your company’s weaknesses?

Who are your company’s major competitors?

What are your current opportunities for reaching new customers?

What are you doing to innovate and move forward in your industry?

Who are your buyer personas? Who is your audience?

What draws your customers in when it comes to first impressions?

How do you express differentiation in words, images, and actions? What makes you stand out from your competitors?

After you have evaluated these questions you can start to reconstruct your brand. When an organization is considering re-branding it is not always the brand that is the problem, but the product, delivery, execution, and planning that falls short. Strategy is everything, and when developing a new brand it is important to think like your target consumer. Researching who they are and what they want will help you better understand exactly what they are looking for with your organization.

Repetition is a key factor to follow and avoids confusion. While strategizing your new branding approach and following your consistent concept throughout your marketing efforts, people will start to recognize your brand and who you are. This may include a redesign of your current website, communicating via social media, and printing new marketing collateral to help implement this new strategy. Developing your new brand starts with strategy and ends with putting in the work to live up to the new identity you represent. By understanding your audience, product, and who you really are as an organization, you can develop a new brand that stands by the level of integrity that it deserves.

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