Using Interesting SEO Copywriting to Optimize your About Us Page

seo copywriting

seo copywriting

An “About Us” page is one of the few constants of an organization’s website.  Businesses have grown their sites to present a unique and dynamic first impression to customers with look and feel, content and interactions.  One thing that seems to fall short or not “pop out” to people is the About Us sections.

Regardless of the company’s size or industry, most About Us pages have an impersonal and vanilla feel for content that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else on the site.  Most About Us pages are a staple in websites located in the main navigation bar that states information about the companies vision, mission, leadership, news, location, and general contact information.  About Us sections are typically overloaded with miscellaneous content, this can make it harder for users to identify what is important.

Another challenge is that most About Us pages are heavy with business or internal languages that your customers don’t even speak.  When your customers or potential customers visit this page they might read the first sentence and then call it quits.  So, how you can you re-define and give some sizzle your About Us page?

Start off by adopting a different label.  Use titles like “Who We Are, What We Do, Where We Work”; defining yourself like this makes it more interesting and less generic. Use the technique of SEO Copywriting to optimize your About Us page and tailor it to your companies keywords and identity.  Company websites are more sprinkled with information about the brand, so sometimes the idea of an About Us page can seem somewhat unnecessary.  An entire section may not be needed to “define you” when your entire website is about you but many people still see it as a staple page for information.

Try a different approach when writing your content, think about every page as an opportunity to define your brand.  That is what your website is for right?  If you do choose to write an About Us page consider using professional SEO Copywriting Services, or change the titles and write on a more conversational level.  Be personable and connect with your customers, and remember that you want this page to stand out and not be your typical About Us jargon.  Think beyond the copy and make it interesting to draw visitors in with either pictures or videos.  It is all about your company and culture, so don’t let your visitors slip away with something they won’t remember.

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