Should Your Customers Determine Your Web Design?

Web Design Fort LauderdaleHave you ever considered what your customers think is important when it comes to your website? If not – then you may not be effectively hitting your target audience when it comes to your web design.

A recent survey showed that men respond positively to a web design when the site works very fast and that women tend to value the ease of use of a given web design. If your target audience are children, it is important to know that most kids will not even start exploring a website until it has fully loaded. Teenagers have been shown to have a more difficult time figuring out how to use a website than an average adult web user. Those using the internet via mobile devices who are 45 and older are less patient than other age groups when it comes to page load times.

While some of these statistics may seem crazy, they do come from real surveys and studies performed by credible sources. And this is exactly why web design is not “one-size-fits-all”. You should be paying close attention to who your target audience really is. It is important to know who is coming to your website and why & to be strategic and purposeful in your web design.

Here are three steps any website owner & online marketer should take – especially if you are considering a website redesign:

1. Research your audience – You probably have an idea of what type of people visit your website. The next step is to gather data on who they are and how they are using your website and the internet in general. You can use Google Analytics to analyze behavior on your website. You can even do your own survey at the end of your sales process to find out more detailed information about your customers.

2. Test your website in the real world – Use A/B testing to find out what works better. Try different copy on similar landing pages. Try different colors and calls to action. Tweak until you reach your sweet spot!

3. Use a Professional – Web design fort lauderdale is full of people promising cheap websites and trying to make a fast buck. Using a professional web design team, especially one that is local, will ensure a better result and a more strategic design. If your website isn’t delivering the ROI you had hoped for, it is time to make a change!

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