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Side By Side Pet

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Side By Side Pet

Web Design, Social Media, Geo-Fencing, SEO

 The Side By Side team came to BMG Creative for assistance in creating a new website, for both retail and wholesale users, that would educate on the health benefits of feeding pets a whole food diet.  

Their site also features an on-line pet assessment to identify which whole food recipes are best for your pets specific needs.  To that end, BMG designed a comprehensive and robust site that speaks to users in a language they not only understand but feel comfortable with as well.  The shopping cart was upgraded to group products by category so a consumer can easily navigate all products that are specific to their pet based on the assessment.  

The wholesale portal was created not only for shopping but to provide digital assets, tools and training programs for store associates.  This client also had the unique opportunity of obtaining shelf space in specific Petco locations and needed a plan for communicating that to consumers.  We suggested a geo-fencing plan that was specific to only the locations where they had shelf space optimizing dollars spent.

Side By Side Pet

Side By Side Pet

April 19, 2020

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